Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Nightmare Bonnie (Funko

And so, our Five Nights at Freddy’s coverage continues! Now, its Nightmare Bonnie. Bonnie the Bunny happens to be the animatronic that scares Scott Cawthon the most, and it really shows with his nightmare rendition. Nightmare Bonnie is the first one to come after you, and just like in the other games, he tends to tag-team with Chica. However, he’s not “easy,” per se – within the confines of the game’s system he is the least difficult, but don’t underestimate him. The sight of Nightmare Bonnie in the hallway is worth a scare in and of itself!

SCULPT: **1/2

Nightmare Bonnie has the same basic flaw as Freddy, only it’s more apparent with hi – since nIghtmare Bonnie is really tattered, seeing those tears and holes represented as flat black plastig messes with his look even more. The thing is, the toy looks good, even with that flaw – it’s like the darkest, grittiest remake of The Velveteen Rabbit ever, and that’s awesome. But you can see the obvious patches in his sculpt even more. It’s up to you whether his torso, which looks like a tuxedo instead of rags hanging off an endoskeleton, is a dealbreaker or not.

PAINT: ***1/2

Nightmare Bonnie’s paint is a little more complex than Freddy’s, but it’s honestly pretty good. Inconsistency and slop is an issue with this series, but you should be able to find a good Bonnie without any problems.


Nightmare Bonnie’s articulation is the same as Nightmare Freddy’s. Lots of ball joints, limbs that pop apart harmlessly rather than break, and fairly limited articulation in spite of that. It’s good, but not as good as it could be. Still, not bad!


Aside from the Build-A-Figure piece (it’s a leg), Nightmare Bonnie comes with nothing. Nothing at all. I dunno what would be good – maybe another Freddle?


Thanks to the specifics of his limb ball joints, Nightmare Bonnie is pretty durable.  Just don’t damage the neck joint by mistaking it for one, okay?

VALUE: ****

All of my criticism is moot when you realize that this is a $10 figure.  Value like this is utterly fnatastic- and it’s better-quality than some $15 toys, too.


Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Gamestop – pretty much anywhere.


Nightmare Bonnie ain’t perfect.  But it’s not a bad figure, either – and the thing is, the low price kind of justifies all the missteps, even though his sculptural issues are worse than Freddy’s.  You aren’t paying for anything high end but you’re still getting for a pretty decent toy.  Again, it’s not perfect – but it is sufficient, and kind of fun once you’re playing with it in-hand.  It’s also durable enough to survive kid treatment, which is a major plus.

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