Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Nightmare Foxy (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

And so, our Five Nights at Freddy’s coverage continues with Nightmare Foxy! And, as awlays, Foxy is the Odd Man Out of the group. Rather than stalking you fro the hallway, he waits in the closet. If you don’t keep checking the closet and “resetting” him into a plushie, Foxy will emerge to murder you most messily. He is out-and-out terrifying, especially in the moment that you have to slam the closet door on his snarling face and desperately hold it shut. He may not have the long tongue shown in promo images, but daaaang, he’s creepy.

SCULPT: ***1/2

Nightmare Foxy does have the whole negative-space-represnted-with-black-plastic issue going against him, and it’s especialy obvious in his mouth and muzzle. THat said, however, his sculpt is really good, jumping head and shoulders above some of the other figures in this line. He’s creepy, tattered, and vicious, just as he should be. If you’re only picking up one or two of the figures in this set, Nightmare Foxy is a good place to start – I’m honestly impressed with his sculpting, even with the aforementioned flaws.

PAINT: **1/2

It might just be my figure, but Nightmare Foxy has a surprising amount of paint slop. I couldn’t tell if his eyes were uneven, or if it was intentional because of the damage to his sculpt. It’s unfortunate how sloppy Nightmare Foxy is in some points, because he’s otherwise pretty good.


Nightmare Foxy has the exact same articulation as the other figures in this line – lots of ball joints which pop free rather than break, flexible but surprisingly limited movement, and a swivel head. He’s fairly good, although that hook needed a wrist swivel (his other hand has a ball joint), as it is awkward to get it into a proper murderin’ pose.


Aside from the Build-A-Figure piece (it’s an arm), Nightmare Foxy comes with nothing. And you know what’s funny? He could easily have come with the li’l plush foxy that’s part of his actual routine in the game! Bad show, people. We need something.


Thanks to the specifics of his limb ball joints, Nightmare Foxy is pretty durable.  Just don’t damage the neck by mistaking it for a ball joint, okay?

VALUE: ****

All of my criticism is moot when you realize that this is a $10 figure.  Value like this is utterly fantastic- and it’s better-quality than some $15 toys, too.


Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Gamestop – pretty much anywhere.

OVERALL: ***1/2

Nightmare Foxy ain’t perfect, but he’s better than Freddy or Bonnie!  Again, if you’re only interested in picking up one or two figures from this set, Nightmare Foxy is pretty much your best bet.  He’s got enough good points to easily offset the negatives, thankfully.

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