Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Funtime Foxy (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

Aaaaand… record scratch! Series 2 of Funko’s Five Nights At Freddy’s figures is all about FNaF 4… except for this figure. hailing from FNaF: Sister Location (aka FNaF 5), Funtime Foxy is not a nightmare animatronic… which is odd, considering that they could have made a figure of Nightmare Fredbear (aka Golden Freddy), who had a unique character model from Nightmare Freddy. Or Nightmare, who was a palette-swap of Fredbear – either way, there’s a hole in the FNaF 4 representation, with this one random character form the next game tossed in. Funtime Foxy is… well, explicitly female, far more polished and iPhone-ish than the other animatronics, and plays a decent role in the game (stalking you in two separate occasions, playing a prominent role in the bonus game). But it ain’t a Nightmare. So, although her appearance in Series 2 is questionable, let’s look at the figure, anyway!

SCULPT: **1/2

This figure does not have te battle damage/negative space problem of the others in the wave – which means that, to be honest, its sculpt is pretty much perfect… wait no, there is one little flaw. Wait, no, two flaws. Two big flaws. First up, her figure is wrong – the toy is shaped like one of the animatronic suits from the other games, but Funtime Foxy actually has a sleek hourglass figure. This is Funtime Foxy after middle age and a few kids, when she’s let herself go. And the other issue is the lack of hinges and seams – the Sister Location animatronics are all paneled, and split open to reveal the innards underneath. This figure is smooth, without even painted-on seams, much less sculpted ones. It is rather unfortunate. But if you can ignore all that, Funtime Foxy looks good. Just not like she does in the game.

PAINT: ****

Thankfully, Funtime Foxy’s paint is crisp, clean, and without any slop. It may be a few simple colors, but that would just make mistakes more obvious. It’s kid of a pity that those hinges and seams aren’t painted in, unforutnately.


Funtime Foxy has the exact same aritculation as Nightmare Foxy, only with the addition of a swivel tail. I really have nothing bad to say, excet that she can’t take many complex poses. The swappable parts thing is fun, though.


Aside from the Build-A-Figure piece (it’s an arm), Funtime Foxy comes with nothing. Nothing at all. Maybe she could have come with one of the tiny animatronics from the game, perhaps?


The figure is pretty durable, but other people might mistake you for an erotic furry when they see it. That’s all you have to watch out for.

VALUE: ****

All of my criticism is moot when you realize that this is a $10 figure.  Value like this is utterly fantastic- and it’s better-quality than some $15 toys, too.


Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Gamestop – pretty much anywhere.

OVERALL: **1/2

Funtime Foxy looks super great at first… but the sculpting is just so wrong. I don’t get it. Really, I don’t. This figure had the potential to be perfect, but then tripped at the starting line. It doesn’t fit with the others in this wave, and doesn’t look like the character should. Still, it’s not horrible, just messed-up when it comes to accuracy.

5 responses to “Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Funtime Foxy (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

  1. Can I offer one small criticism? This is not the Sister Location Funtime Foxy. It’s based on Mangle from FNaF2, before it was taken apart and mixed up. If it affects the score because you thought the sculpt was far from the SL model, that is why it’s different.

    Love the site, by the way. Been reading it for years.

    • That honestly raies the question of why it’s named Funtime Foxy and not, y’know… whatever Mangle used to be. GAH! this figure!

      • I’m not actually sure on that. Funko did it first with their Plushy Funtime Foxy before Sister Location was even released. I assume it was named that way to differentiate from the Foxy of the original FNaF…but then it’ll add more confusion later if they do the SL versions. I’m surprised they just didn’t call it Pre-Mangle or something like that.

      • i think its because the adevnture version of repaired mangle was named funtime foxy in fnaf world.

  2. That’s not Funtime Foxy from Sister Location, It’s Funtime Foxy (AKA Mangle) From FNaF 2, And he is not female, he dont have gender, you can’t say “hurr durr futime fox is female its obvilys *-*-*-*”

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