Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Jack-O’-Chica (Five Nights At Freddy’s)

Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 has a special DLC Halloween Edition, which was mostly a cosmetic upgrade. Each of the animatronics got swapped out for a new version – Nightmare Foxy became Nightmare Mangle, Nightmare became Nightmarionne, Plushtrap became Nightmare Balloon Boy, Nightmare Fredbear… wait no, he didn’t change. Hm. Anyway, Nightmare Bonnie and CHica both turned ornage and fiery, becoming Jack-O’-Bonnie and Jack-O’-Chica. One of them is available as a Gamestop-exclusive figure. Can you guess which one it is?


Although it’s mostly a repaint of Nightmare Chica, Jack-O’-Chica has one new hand – both its handed are empty, rather than holding a cupcake. Other than that, though, it’s a straight-up repaint of the same sculpt.

PAINT: ****

Jak-O’-Chica is… well, obviously, a Jack O’ Lantern-themed version of Chica. As a result, her coloration is more orange than yellow, but she also glows from inside, as if lit with fire – this figure accomplishes the effect with translucent plastic, which is remarkably easy to light up. It’s a fantastic idea, eliminates the negative space issue which plagues the other ones in this wave, and can display extremely well with some creative lighting. Nice work, guys!


Jack-O’-Chica has the same articulation as everybody else in the line, complete with limbs that pop off easily rather than break. It’s pretty consistent.


Unlike Nightmare Chica, Jack-O’-Chica actually comes with an accessory! She’s got the Pumpkin, which plays the same role as Nightmare Cupcake. It’s a great item on its own and it’s actually a separate accessory! Now, sure, she doens’t come with a piece of the BAF, and maybe that was a contributing factor to the lack of Nightmare Cupcake… but again, that wasn’t an issue in the first wave of figures. Anyway, getting the Pumpkin i sa nice bonus.


The figure is pretty durable, so you should be good to go.

VALUE: ****

All of my criticism is moot when you realize that this is a $10 figure.  Value like this is utterly fantastic- and it’s better-quality than some $15 toys, too.


Unlike the others, this figure is exclusive to Gamestop.

OVERALL: ***1/2

Just having a pumpkin makes this figure more extravagant than the regular Nightmare Chica. Better paint seals the deal. Although Jack-O’-Chica is an alternate skin, it ended up being a better toy. Funny how that works sometimes, isn’t it? Still, it’s nie to see a figure that lacks the flaws that have been endemic to this wave. And now, there’s only one more left to go.

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