Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Nightmarionne (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

Well, here we are at the end of the line! Each figure in Funko’s second series of Five Nights at Freddy’s line comes with a piece of the special Build-A-Figure bonus: Nightmarionne! Another Halloween variant, this nightmarish variant of the Puppet is Nightmare’s replacement in the Halloween DLC – instead of a bear, this monster stalks you from all angles of the house. Immediately, I need to point out one thing about this figure, and do it in a video, in fact. It looks great, but it has just one flaw:

OKay, yeah, wtf? SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE. WOW. Anyway, uh, let’s keep that in mind while we look at the figure.

SCULPT: ****

Sure, he can’t stand (would it have killed you to include something to plug his feet into?), but this figure looks like the game character, and is creepy in its own right. It lacks the flaws of pretty much every other toy in the wave, even featuring individually-sculpted ribs, something that would be unheard-of for any of the others. It honestly looks fantastic.

PAINT: ****

Although it has a simple color scheme, Nightmarionne’s paint is precise – clean lines, no slop, and a blac glossy finish that works perfectly. It helps that it’s monochrome, but even simple paint jobs can have quality issues. Thankfully, this one is just fine and dandy, aking up for the sloppy paint on some of the other figures.


Nightmarionne can’t stand. Just putting that out there again. It also has only five points of articulation, with ball joins that pop free or hang loose much more easily than on the other figures in this line. it’s floppy, its arms fall off, and it can’t stand. You can at least pose Nightmarionne, but the build-A-Figure’s articulation is sorely lacking.


Nightmarionne is the accessory. He’s made up of accssories to every figure (th Foxies come with legs, Freddy and Bonnie with arms, and Chica with the torso/head), and thus he comes with nothing. Perhaps a base to stand on would have been nice.


The limbs can get loose on this guy, but the figure is otherwise durable.

VALUE: ****

This doesn’t apply per se, as the pieces are extra bonuses with the other figures. If you want to buy it as-is, it may cost a ton, though.


Unlike the others, this figure is exclusive to Gamestop.


And there you go. Nightmarionne looks incredibly awesome, and is one of the creepiest toys ever… that can’t stand on its own power. Seriously, that one flaw is so hilarious… so utterly hilarious. Well, that explains why he’s the BAF – Nightmarionne is a bonus, not one that you pay money for (though technically you do), and it’s good as long as you can find a way to prop it up, somehow.

So, here we are at the end of Series 2 of Funko’s Five Nights At Freddy’s line. Individually, each figure has flaws, and there are a lot of missed opportunities or flat-out inaccurate issues. However, all the same, the toys do look “good enough,” and at their surprisingly low price, many complaints melt away. Funko has been listening to feedback on thigns like articulation, as you’ll note the figures will pop apart rather than break. And even though they have inexplicable flaws, like Nightmarionne’s inability to stand, they’re still decent toys when all is said and done.

One response to “Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Nightmarionne (Five Nights at Freddy’s)

  1. I brought Funtime foxy yesterday 15/may/2018 and unfortunately it didn’t have the figure in it to build your own nightmarionne inside it I still have box but it got opened as my son was exciting to receive it how do I go about to getting figure without buying another Funtime foxy

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