Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Madballs Minis (Wave 2)


Hello, everybody!  It’s time for more Madballs!  We’ve already reviewed half of Series 1 of the new Madballs minis, mostly because the second half wasn’t available for some infernal reason.  Well, now it is!  These minis are showing up in Toys R us and Wal-Mart as well as Target, and they finally hav the new figures!  So, if you look at the embossed numbering on each blind pack, the last three digits should tell you which figure you have.

001 – Skull Face
002 – Horn Head
003 – Screaming’ Meemie
004 – Dust Brain
005 – Slobulus
006 – Oculus Orbus
007 – Glow Skull Face
008-Bruise Brother
009-Swine Sucker
010-Snake Bait
011- Fist Face
012- Buzz Off
013- Lock Lips

Anyway, Wave 2 of the minis are numbers 008-013.  I found ’em, so let’s take a look!  And yes, they are still made of foam.  Non-durable foam.

As the severed head of a biker, Bruise Brother has gotten a bit of an update. In the old days, he wore a German helmet, as was the fashion in the 1970s (for an ’80s toy!). But, since apparently bikers aren’t as fond of Nazi imagery as they used to be. He also lost the bullet holes in his head, leaving him more “wacky and wild” than “this is not for children.” I imagine he would sound a lot like Yosemite Sam now.

Old-fahioned Swine Sucker was an angry-looking, cartoon pig villain with some swine and a branding mark. His new version is freaking insane. Seriously, stare at those eyes for a while. He’s also got some detail that’s lost in the mini’s paint job, reflecting that his skin is poorly-fitting, badly-stitched, an tearing at the seams. You know, a pigskin over a ball. It’s kind of a cool idea, even if it’s not quite properly implemented.

Holeeeeeee yikes. This is A: my favorite of the new figures, B: the most morbid of the new figures, and C: the most drastic redesign of the new figures. Old-school Snake Bait was a Medusa head with a purple nose. This? A snake is snacking on a corpse, with its screaming, tortured, stained and envenomed skull creating its “main” face. Seriously, this is horrible and I love it. Snake Bait really needs to be remade in a more durable material than foam.

Another drastic redesign, Fist Face used to be a purple severed hand holding an eyeball, but now is a purple fist with an eye growing out of where its severed end would be. Oddly, they shoved the model number and copyright info on top of the ball rather than on the bottom, so you have a garish series of numbers always visible unless you want to display Fist Face upside-down. Likewise, it’s impossible to get his eye and fingers in the same shot. It’s a good idea, but the figure is kind of awkward in-hand.

Our first completely new character (spoilers: there will be like three more in Series 2 of the minis), Buzz Off is surprisingly sedate for a Madball. Yes, he has an X for one eye, but he lacks stitches, slime, blood, o other bits of weirdness – though I think he does have a seam with some lacing, it’s hard to tell. As a fly head, Buzz Off is just fine, though he lacks a lot of the extra detail expected of a Madball nowadays.

And finally, we have Lock Lips. The original Lock Lips was a tortured, mutilated creature, with a severed nose and metal restraints bolted directly into his face. It was even scalped, its flap of skin held on by a metal plate. This version is much more sanitized, with a literal locking mechanism for a mouth rather than a padlock forcing it shut. He does have the basics of the original, and a surprisingly siniater grin – it’s a good take on the character but definitely different!

Well, there you go. The last six figures certainly fit in with the first bunch, and it’s weird how we only got half at a time. I really resent the foam construction, but I can live with it – and some of thesefigures, such a Snake Bait, are genuinely amazing. Series 2 has actually begun to show, as well, so a review might be appearing before long!

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