C2E2 2017 RECAP


I was at C2E2 2017 over the weekend and now I will tell you all about it.  And yes there will indeed be cosplay pictures.

I began the day by going to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund State of Censorship panel with Besty Gomez.   If you are interested in the CBLDF check out their website http://cbldf.org/

Then I went to the How to Make Comics and Not Suck panel put on by the Comfort & Adam team.  They talked about the many mistakes they made when making their first comic books and how others can avoid making them.  Check out their website too http://www.comfortandadam.com/

Over the weekend there were two different Creator Connections panels hosted by Buddy Scalera and I attended both of them.  I went to a number of panels on making comics like Comics Startup 101, and the Write or Wrong panel with Dirk Manning.

Towards the end of the weekend I went to the Resist, Retweet, Reblog panel and then the Non-Compliant Geek’s Guide to Self Care.

Oh yeah I also got this free pen.

This was not a good year for me taking notes at panels.  But it was a good year for some cosplay pcitures, it always is.

It turns out this was actually cosplayer Ryuu Lavitz as the Bunny Harley but I did not recognize her at the time so I did not get to say hello to a person I know of from the internet in real life.

On Sunday I actually went to one celebrity guest panel to see two of the original Power Rangers, Walter Jones and David Yost.

They shared some stories from their days as power rangers.  They also talked a bit about the new movie, it has some flaws but also a lot of great potential in the cast.  Also to this day Power Rangers is a non union show which is terrible but also explains why they started rotating the cast with each new iteration.

Nigel the purple Dalek was back this year with a Kermit the Frog makeover.

I visited the Artist Alley booth of every person who was on a panel I attended.  I was even able to a get some pictures of some of them.



And I picked up a few things along the way.


It was a very good weekend and I may yet have somethings to report about it.  But don’t expect an article on the Crown Championship of Cosplay because I missed it again this year.  It turned out you needed a wrist band that they handed out in the morning to attend.  So instead I went to a Zenescope panel and saw a short film they made based on their Robyn Hood series.

There is a lot more about the weekend to talk about and you will be hearing about it soon right here on Nerditis.


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