Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: MOTUSCLE Series 2 (Super7)

Hey, everybody!  Super7 isn’t done – oh, no. They’ve just announced Megaman MUSCLE, but there’s more!  Last year, they  made Series 2 of MOTUSCLE – and hey, better late than never for a review, right?  But first, before we look at the newest group of 12 figures in the He-Man MUSCLE line, there’s something else that’s special… the 12-Pack Can!

As you can see, I am excited.  Anyway, it’s all of Series 1, witht he figures apportioned in color groups – three each of orange, green, and blue, with two magenta and one glow-in-the-dark.  Those color pairings you saw are how they are always arrnaged (trust me, I tested with more than one can).


These colors aren’t quite as bright as MUSCLE plastic, but they are fun.


Glow-in-the-dark is pretty standard, too.  But anyway!  Series 2 is in the newer, firmer plastic (as are the colored versions of series 1).  But let’s take a look at all twelve, shall we?


He-Man V.2 is in his “I Have the Power!” pose, which he always should have been. Notably, his proportions have changed to match MUSCLE proportions more, although perhaps his head is a little too big.


But he certainly looks better than the original, doesn’t he? He-Man and Skeletor are the only resculpts of this set.


Skeletor V.2 is in a totally different pose, lifting his havoc staff over his head. And yes, again, his proportions are slightly more MUSCLE-esque.


However, to be honest, the original was somewhat better-sculpted overall. Skeletor’s details are a little soft in Series 2.


Castle Grayskull is a surprising entry, and quite huge – it’s the biggest, tallest, and heaviest figure in this line. But hey, MUSCLE included that brick arch, so why not Grayskull?


It’s also nicely detailed from the back.


On the other end of the spectrum, we have Orko. Tiny, tiny Orko. Orko is the size of those mini-MUSCLEs from the original line – you know, the kids or the potato. So yes, he is very tiny, but it’s within tradition! His sculpt is unfortunately under-detailed, though. They need to work on MUSCLE complexity, too.


Battle Cat is great – yes, the sculpt is somewhat soft, but the saddle is especially sculpted to allow figures to ride!


This is perfect. Absolutely perfect.


This is less perfect.


Stinkor is blander than he should be, although fairly faithful.


Spikor looks good for his size and proportions, and even has better spikes than a few MUSCLE originals!


Kobra Khan also looks great, and hey, so he’s kind of obscure. Good for him.


I almost forgot about the Sorceress, who is in a classic “Look at my cape!” pose.


Yeah, they included Evil-Lyn. She looks fine, but is oddly unmemorable.


Speaking of unmemorable, Fisto resembles one of the blandest MUSCLE figures. Ah, alas.


Stratos lacks wings, and honestly is almost hard to recognize because of it.


Series 2 of MOTUSCLE is certainly closer to what it should be, and contains a few gems – but Super7 still needs to add a little roe detail to its sculpts. That said, the huge Castle Grayskull, or Battle Cat’s saddle feature are honestly really fantastic. It will be interesting to see what they innovate in a third series (Two-Bad, maybe?), so here’s hoping!


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