Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Pelecus (Mythic Legions)

The Four Horsemen (three now) are some of the best toy sculptors in the industry. Every few years, they produce a small miniline of their own as a showcase of their ability. They’ve done minotaurs, elephants, women, demons, birds… but now they’ve gone all out. In the last few years (that’s two Kickstarters’ worth), they’ve created a gigantic medieval fantasy line, Mythic Legions! And they keep making more!
The line of birds, formerly from Gothitropolis, have been folded into Mythic Legions – and guess what? They’ve added new ones!

And so, we have Pelecus. The new birds include an archeopteryx, a dragon, several kinds of eagle… and here I am with the pelican. WELL PELICANS ARE AWESOME KTHX. You hear me? AWESOME!

No idea what their new backstory is, so we’ll just go with this: Paddy J. Pelecus starred in a black and white local-access cartoon in the 1950s, but now he fights crime! Also Eathyron is like a god or something, so maybe Pelecus is a minor deity. Ordinary pelican can hold up to three buckets of fish in their beak, so Pelecus’s food carrying capacity must be tremendous. All hail Pelecus, king of the open seas!


Okay, that was weird. I’m sorry not sorry. Anyway, when this review references “the ravens,” it is pointing at the other bird figures that the Horsemen have made – the raven was the first, and thus the flagship. Let’s look at the figure!



Mythic Legions figures come in a special, collector-friendly blister pack – the cardboard slides in and out with no worries, and the tray keeps the figure secure without twisty-ties. The Horsemen have a great track record with toy packaging.


SCULPT: ****

The ravens are all essentially headswaps of one another, which means that Pelecus’s face is the make-or-break unique part of the figure. And man, he’s photorealistic. Firstly, there is no two ways about it: he’s a pelican. Absolutely a pelican. Big, baggy beak and all. Well, so are all the others, and if anything, this is a little reminiscent of the flamingo character from the earlier line. And yes, that guy was awesome, too.

In fact, he’s badass. Even thought here is nothing exagerrated about his pelican face, Pelecus looks like he kicks ass and takes names. This guy could take all your silly orc guards in a fight, and he knows it. You will never take pelicans for granted ever again.

Pelecus’s armor is insanely good. It’s ornate and busy in the way that modern fantasy designs are these days, though thankfully it lacks random spikes and baubles that would make it confusing. Every square inch of his armor is covered in crests, insignia, talons, feathers, and even a cityscape over his stomach (Seriously. A whole cityscape). He’s got a tiny pair of decorative wings on his back, which can be swapped out for the bonus wings you can buy for a little more money.


PAINT: ****

Pelecus’s paint is on par with other Mythic Legion figures, which pretty much makes this one of the best mass-produced figures (at this price point) out there. Even though white is the dominant color, there is an extremely light wash over his feathers, matching both their natural sheen. His armor is purple and green, with some incredibly intricate workmanship, and his face has amazingly accurate detailing, which brings this sculpt to life.


Mythic Legions figures all have amazing paint, which extends back to pretty much everything else the Horsemen have done. Pelecus looks great alongside all the other birds, even though his individual armor colors are brighter than some of the others. It fits well.

Even his feet – unique webbed feet and not standard raven claws – are expertly-painted, matching real-life pelicans. I do wonder if Pelecus needs some footwear, but nah. He’s tough. He can handle it.



Pelecus has a ball-jointed head, ball-and-socket shoulders, ankles, wrists, shins, and hips, double-hinged elbows and knees, and swivel biceps, chest, and waist. Cockitrus has an insane range of motion that’s actually a little better than it looks. The Horsemen have demonstrated more than just their sculpting ability with this figure, and have even included a few bonuses – for example, it comes apart very easily at the waist, thus making it a simple matter to swap out the belt if you so desire.

Well… sometimes Horsemen figures have stuck joints, and you should be careful not to force them on yours. That said, my Pelecus has been just fine, and is not fragile or at risk at all.



As much as we all agree Pelecus should have a sailor’s hat, he only comes with one weapon – a spear. Unlike the shared gold mace-spears from the original ravens, Pelecus has a unique weapon with a wooded haft and a serrated head! It’s not inherently “nautical,” but it is the kind of thing you could see him wielding around the docks. Great work!

He also comes with grasping non-webbed feet (not pictured, just look at the other reviews), and his own copy of the ravens’ utility belt. It’s got a hand of glory, a horn, bone picks… it’s basically an assemblage of magical items. I love the detail that went into this thing, and even though Pelecus only comes with a few accessories, this is awesome.

VALUE: ****

This figure will cost you $35 if you can get it straight from the source. For a high-end indepentendly-produced toy, that’s a good price.



Pelecus is a sturdy pelican, but he could be delicate in a few joints or on those elbow feathers – treat him with the same amount of care as the other birds.



It’s Store Horsemen, or nuthin’.



Pelecus is awesome. Like, sure, all the birds are fantastic, but there is something about the ultra-realistic pelican head that’s both hilarious and badass. Yes, it’s a little silly, but just look at him. This guy is tough, and he fits in with all the other birds – add his unique weapon, and he’s worth a place of honor on the toy shelf! Also, I got to link to every episode of Paddy the Pelican throughout this a toy review. HA HA TAKE THAT


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