Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Jetfire (Transformers Robot Replicas)

Look! A Transformer that doesn’t transform! And it’s from one of the Michael Bay movies! Do you hate me yet?

The thing about the Michael Bay movies isn’t that they’re bad, but that they are consistently ALMOST good. They start building an amazing scene, and then add in fart jokes. There’s an intimidating villain… who fizzles. An amazing character… who falls apart. It’s consistently annoying. That said, you can certainly pick and choose things in the movies – and one of them is Jetfire.

The original Jetfire was a redecoed Macross figure, and a former Decepticon turned Autobot. The version in Revenge of the Falen is similar – a former Seeker and an ancient Transformer, Jetfire defected from the Decepticons to the Autobots thousands of years ago. He’s a great example of a character almost done well – his intro is terrifying, his design is great, his backstory and fight choreography are good… except intercut with old man fart jokes, really abbreviated fight scenes (seven seconds total), and just generally it’s as if the movie is trying to undermine him. But at his core, Jetfire came out looking cool.

The thing is, the movie Transformers never really look right in toy mode. Their transformations onscreen involve so many tiny oving parts that it just couldn’t happen – so, for the first two movies, HAsbro Released “Robot Replicas,” non-transforming figures meant to have accurate character models. And before you riot, realize that this is not new. Action Masters were cartoon-accurate non-tranforming Transformers, and they sold really well in their time. I liked Jetfire’s design in the movie, but did not like his transforming figures. And thus… we have his Robot Replica. So, let’s take a look!


Click HERE to see the card art (courtesy of Ben’s World of Transformers)


I got mine used, so no packaging – but the card art is nice, even though it shows that Jetfire holds his cane with his right hand, not his left.


SCULPT: ****

Again, the problem with movie Transformers is simple. Even though no “cheats” are used onscreen for their transformations, no toy can possibly replicate all the tiy sliding panels and moving parts. Thus, Jetfire’s transforming figures simply do not do him justice – they end up skinny, or with huge pieces of kibble, or all of the above.

Well, this figure managed to give Jetfire his bulk – he’s a huge Transformer, and boy howdy, it shoes! The figure is surprisingly solid and heavy, with movie-accurate details all over. His face lacks some detail, but that’s because his metal beard and mouth would be prohibitive in this scale.

Now, this figure is not rusting, sparking, or falling apart the way Jetfire was in the movie, so maybe he’s just newer – but the details are certainly there, making this… a Robot Replica! Ahahahaha.


PAINT: ***

Movie Transformers tend to err more on the side of gray, and Jetfire is no excetion – he’s primarily dim blue, albeit with little touchups here and there. The paint isn’t entirely screen-accurate, but it is well-applied.


The tough thing is that the figure’s paint job has to fight his movie design – and a lot of rusting metalis hard to do for a figure. So the paint job brings out his blue and silver more, as if Jetfire were still new. Despite this, it’s pretty good, with minimal slop.

His Autobot and Devepticon symbols are visible, witht he (scratched out) ‘Con symbol on his back, and the Autobot one nearly hidden in his upper arm. The Autobot symbol is actually hard to find, and a nice little tough toward Jetfire’s changed allegiance.



Jetfire has a lot of articulation, with some very unexpected joints (like the hinges in his chest, to give him more arm range). You can put himina lot of poses, and even make him hunch over his cane realistically!

Despite all his articulation, Jetfire doesn’t exactly move much. He’s not super-flexile, though he can take a lot of poses. The articulation is extremely sturdy, and he stands stably in almost any pose – but it’s not like he can go into super kung-fu mode, even with all those joints.



Jetfire comes with the only accessory he had in the movie – his cane! Don’t take it for granted, as The Fallen’s Robot Replica did not come with his staff. It’s a piece of his landing gear, probably something that just fell off in his old age. It looks just like in the movie… except that he holds it in his wrong hand, and it’s thus reversed.

And of course, Jetfire uses his cane as a weapon – and since the figure does not need it to stand, you can pose him in battle!


They seem to go for anywhere from $10 to $30, so it’s hard to say. Aim cheaper, of course.



This figure is extremely durable, so there’s nothing to really watch out for.



The movie came out something like ten years ago, so this one is an eBay purchase, folks.



Yes, yes, this figure does not transform. A nd yes, yes, it’s based on Revenge of the Fallen. Relax. Jetfire had one of the best designs in the new movies, and his transforming toys didn’t do him justice. This is a solid, well-detailed and painted figure. Its only real flaw is holding his cane with the rong hand (why?), and I’m absolutely happy to have it on my shelf.


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