Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Garthim (The Dark Crystal)

Look, more Dark Crystal! I thought that this was a little late… but these figures are still around! The Garthim are the Skeksis’s beetle-like, nigh-unkillable henchmen. And hey, they were cool! It was amusing how their multiple legs were represented by fake legs attached to the performers’ two, but that’s puppet theater for ya. A Garthim figure was part of Funko’s SDCC exclusive last year, but just as with the Landstrider, they’ve repacked it as toys R Us exclusive!

The figure costs about $20, and comes in a massive window box. They’re still around, too!

It looks accurate to the puppet – a little smoother and more retro, as is the case with ReAction, but actually detailed fairly well, as is the case with Dark Crystal figures. They did a good job with it!

The plastic isn’t just black, it’s kind of a graphite gray, which helps it look like a real creature rather than just a toy, as toylike as it is in other ways.

Just like the puppet, its multiple legs are arranged in two “bunches” (which surrounded the actor’s legs).

It’s got typical ReAction articulation – swivel shoulders, swivel leg-bunches, and a swivel head. The head barely moves, though.

One thing with mine, though, is that one of its legs is extremely loose and wobbly – I was worried that the peg was breaking, but it’s just too tiny for the hole. Hopefully this isn’t a common problem.

And yes, you can absolutely fit other figures in its claw.

The Garthim absolutely dwarfs Jen, as it should.

It’s roughly the same height as the Chamberlain, though obviously a lot bigger in bulk.

And yes, it can fight the Landstrider figure!

Of course, the Landstrider battle in the movie did end sadly.

So, here we are. The figure really looks great, and thankfully they’ve eschewed the “cheap” ReAction design for something that could actually be a retro toy! The retro articulation doesn’t seem too out of place, though that leg isue hopefully isn’t a common one. Regardless, the Garthim looks exactly as it does onscreen, and is a great shelfpiece if you loved the movie.

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