Your Daily Nerd Thing: The Old Tart Toter

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every week day we bring you a different nerdy thing we found somewhere on the internet.  Today we bring you one last Adventure Time themed nerd thing.  Behold the Old Tart Toter.

A lot of fans had different ideas about what the tart toter’s words meant at the time.  The most common is that he is describing how he has been mistreated and discarded by Princess Bubblegum but it is not too late for her and everyone else to do right by him.  Some even claimed it was a prophecy about Finn’s future battle with the lich.  Whatever people think I have always found his trippy little speech touching.

One response to “Your Daily Nerd Thing: The Old Tart Toter

  1. when he says “and ill be hear tomorrow to high five you yesterday” REALLY HAD ME THINKING SO WHEN DOES HE WANT TO HIGH FIVE YOU …. well ive come to the conclusion the meant the present time!!

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