Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Alien Space Jockey (MiniMates)

Man, this looks cool… and like, sure, you guys know what the Space Jockey was in Alien, we’ve all seen that movie, we’ve also seen Prometheus. We now what MiniMates are, and we are, um… aware that some of them perhaps have quality control issues. So, let’s talk this set: The Space Jockey, and Dallas in Space Suit. THis is not going to be a positive review…

See the packaging? See how it says “ALIEN EGGS?” THERE ARE NO EGGS. NONE. J’ACCUSE! J’ACCUSE! But seriously, I checked a ton of packs.  You can see all the way through the blister pack, so I looked through every one on the shelves, and then asked other collectors.  No eggs anywhere. Asked around. Nobody got eggs. There are no eggs. You see, this is a repaint of another set, the Space Jockey with Kane… and that one had eggs. But this one does not. No eggs. None. None anywhere. OH COME ON, PEOPLE. I’m very generous with my reviews so long as the toy does what it sets out to do. This one does not. Is it a packaging error? Label error? Were the eggs planned? WHAT HAPPENED??? Nobody knows.

Anyway, the Jockey itself is cool. It’s unarticulated, but it looks like it could have MiniMate arms, and that’s kinda funny.

Dallas has a flashlight and tiny gun, and his space suit is the same as Kane’s.

As with most MiniMates, that face could be any beardy guy.

And when stripped down, it’s like he’s wearing PJs!

It’s actually the same size as that small Space Jockey NECA released a little while ago. This set would actually be great, if only IT CAME WITH THE FRIGGIN EGGS SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED?

One response to “Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Alien Space Jockey (MiniMates)

  1. It’s my understanding this exclusive Toys R Us set was never supposed to come with eggs. Therefore the QC error is the packaging text, not the product.

    The Space Jockey that was sold through the specialty market with Kane included five closed eggs, one open egg, and a facehugger. I’d recommend tracking that down, especially if you want a piece that’s closer to being authentic to the color of the prop.

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