Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Titan Masters Part 3 (Transformers)


Seriously, MORE?  Yeah, sure.  Let’s take a look!

Hailing from before the TRUKK NOT MONKEY days, Apeface was a classic Headmaster who turned into a robot, a obot ape, or a robot jet. Also, his head was a robot. This figure has a pretty accurate rendition of his classic ape mode, which means that we now have a Mecha Kong to add to the obvious Godzilla and Rodan.


Okay, the placement of the peg for his gun mode is highly suspect. Wow.


Anyway, his Titan Master is meant to ride the ape mode as such, which is kinda weird, but it gives the figure a place to be. Sometimes, the “riding” mode is clearly the default, as opposed to the one that integrates the Titan Master as part of the sculpt.


The jet is really convincing, and the titan master fits very snugly. It’s one of the less awkward transformations for these little mini figures!


As a head, Apeface sure looks a lot like an evil Optimus Prime!


When unfolded, the little guy has the same head shape, and in fact takes all his cues from Apeface’s robot mode!


It also makes a believable weapon – yes, yes, it’s still a jet, but it looks like a gun!


Yes, Clobber looks exactly like Overboard. Both are repaints of Crashbash, who was also repainted two more times in Japan, into Batora and Servant. This color scheme is clearly meant to be Grimlock, only renamed because it would oddly conflict with ordinary-sized Grimlocks out there.


Also, I have been totally screwing up. The mouth closes, and actually plugs in securely. This is how he is supposed to look, folks.


Also, this is the correct angle for the turkey dragon. Looks more believable now, eh?


This is absolutely Grimlock’s head. “Clobber” isn’t fooling anybody.


The little guy is also a repaint of Crashbash/Overboard’s, though there is a Japan-exclusive version with some extra paint added to make it look more like Grimlock.


See? Repaint. he has less apint and ore colored plastic, so he’ll chip less, though.


The weapon isn’t completely unconvincing, so it does gain a few points.


Meet Loudmouth. Loudmouth hates his parents for giving him that name. Loudmouth is actually an update of Siren, who was embarrassed about being a dude with that name. Alas! His car mode sure looks like a boat, but it’s cool regardless.


Loudmouth is a pretty convincing tank, with a surprising number of gun emplacements and an actual coherent form!


The face is very clearly Siren, and one of the more complex Titan Master designs (for the ones not released with larger robots).


Look, he’s got actual face paint! And it’s not fragile and easily chipped, like that of Repugnus.


Loudmouth also makes a very convincing weapon, a relative rarity with these smaller figures.


Brawn is such a classic charater that he actually has a regular-sized figure released at the same time as this. He always used to transform into a Jeep, and now he’s a Jeep-like tank with mini-treads!


Although the titan master is supposed to form part of the chassis, you can also let it ride in the Jeep like this.


When transformed, it becomes a Return of the Jedi-style speeder bike!


You can also make it into a tractor with some ingenuity.


Parts of the titan master body actually give Brawn his distinctive head shape, including the square framing behind it!


His titan master is also extremely clearly a mini-Brawn!


And finally, his weapon mode works extremely well, being entirely convincing as a rifle.


The big guy in these photos is Chromedome, one of the original Headmasters. In some continuities, he’s gay, for as much of a value of gay as robots can be.


His face is incedibly distinct, too!


Headmasters sold as part of larger figures tend to be a little more complex as a rule.


Stylor looks pretty good when unfolded, much like his original counterpart.


Chromedome comes with a gigantic gun, and you know where this is going.


It splits into two guns!


You can also fit them on his shoulders if you want to keep his hands free.


And of course it’s a cockpit for the titan master.


Chromedome turns into a really convincing car, although it is much larger than the titan master (the back tires are almost as tall as that little guy!). Basically, it’s not a sleek sports car, it’s a massive Buick boat.

I kind of love how the driver’s seat is in the middle, not on either side.

You can fit the guns onto the side of the car, though the wide one can’t be angled straight.

You can also create a gun platfor on top of the car, which works disturbingly well.


Well, there you go. I still love the detachable heads and mini-vehiclemonsters, and as long as Hasbro keps producing this sub-line, I’m sure we’ll see them again!

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