Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Alien Covenant Creature Pack

Hi, guys!  I took the week off because it was my birthday, I was on vacation, and I am a naturally lazy creature who lives in a cave and burbles to myself while yelling at Hobbits.

ANYWAY, I liked Alien Covenant.  I could predict every event in it, and it severely wrecks the Aliens timeline (how can they find a fossilized ship in the first movie if David created the Xenomorphs 15 years beforehand?, but it did what it did well, and thus was enjoyable.  NECA has rolled out product for the new designs – there’s a Xenomorph (its design is different from the norm), a Neomorph, and a creature accessory pack for the miscellaneous bits!  So, let’s look at that pack.  These are technically accessories and mini figures, none of which could carry themselves individually.  But as a group?  Fun!

They come in a window box – the entire line does as it seems NECA is moving away fro clamshells. This means it’s resealable – and I took advantage of that when returning from vacation, to keep the figures safe! Anyway,t he set has two eggs, two facehuggers, one xeno chestburster, and a “toddler’ Neomorph. As the backburster is included with the regular Neomorph, you can get its full life cycle with both purchases. We’ll start with the eggs, and then move up from there.

The eggs have a new design in Covenant, about twice the size of the regular ones that come in those awesome egg cartons. The closed egg is a big, leathery, well-sculpted piece of work, and even though it’s “different,” it looks great. It has limited flat space on the bottom, and easily tips over, however.

The open egg has got some great texturing and paint patterns, and is not bendable/closeable. unfortunately, it also tips over easily – still, it’s a great piece of work!

The inside is indeed quite as veiny as one would suspect.

I bet you want to hear about what’s inside the eggs, don’t you?

The facehuggers are new! Yes, they have bendable tails, but the main body is larger, a brand-new sculpt, and its legs are posed differently!

Those legs are extremely delicate, and I’ve had to be about twice as careful with these facehuggers as with any of the other ones NECA has made. Take it as you will, though their posing does make them look amazing in-hand.

Speaking offragility, the chestburster is extremely tiny and extremely delicate. Look at that tail! The Covenant chestburster was completely different from any of the ones we’ve seen in other movies – it’s basically just an Alien in miniature. It’s nice to have this little guy, though man, storing it will take care.

The “Toddler” Bacburster represents the Neomorph after it’s had like an hour or two to begin growing Movie-wise, this is the one that assaults everybody in the field. Much like the chestburster, it’s a bloody, messy beast, still covered in gore from its host. It’s the clear centerpiece of the set, with some fantastic sculting and a long, bendable tail.

it’s got ball joints in its head and limbs, but weirdly, mine seems to have one unarticulated leg. I checked, and other people have reported the same. Three of its limbs move! That’s odd, and I suspect it was a fix in the factory. Better that than broken, right?

Regardless, it still poses pretty well. This is the least fragile of the non-egg figures, and it’s honestly pretty good.

Well, there you go. These figures are all very cool, but also very fragile. Small or not, you really shouldn’t let them ride in your pocket, or anything like that – but they are cool! So, it’s up to you on how much that influences your purchase, though I certainly like them quite a bit.

One response to “Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Alien Covenant Creature Pack

  1. The way I see it (and maybe I’m wrong) is that David was messing with the bio goop and discovered how to make an Alien creature almost, but not exactly, identical to the ones the Engineers already made (and found in the ship in Alien). Eggs, infant and final creature aren’t 100% the same.

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