Your Week of Nerd Things

It had been a good week of Nerd Thing, most of them about the Guild Wars 2 expansion Path of Fire.  And to end out the week we shall talk about… Path of Fire again.  Sorry but I don’t have much else unless something big gets dropped later today.

Let’s first take a look at the full expansion announcement video.


In related news there is a contest going on from youtuber WoodenPotatoes who is trying to encourage people to make more Guild Wars 2 related youtube content.  Be advised the whole video is over 40 minutes long.  WoodenPotatoes has a tendency to make long videos, it works great for in depth lore discussion but not as well for other content.


I don’t really have much else to talk about from this week.  Oh hey The Dark Tower movie starts this weekend and the reviews are… Hmm… Well I’m probably going to check it out anyway.


If anything else significant gets announced today I will update it down here.

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