Your Week of Nerd Things 8/11/17

Another week of nerd things has happened and now we will talk about some of them.

First of all, earlier this week I featured a dancing Godzilla video.  But it turns out that was not the original.  I found the original and now here it is.


In other nerd things the folks over at Screen Junkies made another Honest Trailer video, this time about Alien Covenant.


And a new How It Should Have Ended video just went up this time for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


And finally for this week lets talk about Game of Thrones.  I thought about posting this on Monday but decided to hold off because of spoilers.  Anyway it was a big episode and people have been talking about it.  On youtube ButtercupBrix posted this great video of the best scene from the episode.

And those are some nerd things from this week.  There will be more nerd things next week.  Come back to seen them here with us on Nerditis.

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