Your Week of Nerd Things 8/18/17

This week of Nerd Things ended up getting abridged.  Sorry about that everyone.  We will have more nerd things lined up for you next week.  There were a number of Nerd Things that popped up this week so lets look at some of them.

You may be familiar with the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.  Under the Night Vale Presents banner they have a number of other series as well.  The second season of Within the Wires will be starting soon and here is a trailer.


You also might have heard that there will be a new Doctor soon on Doctor Who and that the new Doctor will be a woman.  Leigh Lahav made a video about it over on her OnlyLeigh youtube channel.


And its been a long time since we featured a cosplayer and Kay Lynn just released a promo video for her patreon.


And finally to finish out this week lets look at pictures of Stan Pines punching nazis.


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