Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Defiance Xenomorph (Aliens)

Hey, all!  Most of NECA’s Alien figures have a lot of parts re-use, and with good reason – it’s part of the design.  So really, aside from where it’s noted to be different, this figure is identical to the Warrior Xenomorph from Aliens.

While searching for survivors aboard a Seegson research station above LV-44-40, Private Zula Hendricks comes face to face with a hideous new xenomorph specimen. Having evolved in isolation, the creature has developed the ability to produce a viscous substance capable of breaking down the genetic material of heavil cocooned hosts to produce new facehugger eggs in the absence of a queen, further propagating its species until a queen is born. The creature defends the nest it has created, severely wounding the private before the combat synthetic Davis-1 arrives to help battle the monstrosity.

Aliens: Defiance is a recent comic series set between the first two movies, utilizing a little twist actually introduced in the first movie.  In a deleted scene, Ripley found both Brett and Dallas in the process of being converted into eggs.  This is also kindasorta referenced in the rest of the series, in the concept that if any Aliens got loose, it would be the end of the world.  Clearly, they have ways to reproduce even without a Queen, and that adaptability just makes them more dangerous.  This particular variant fills that canonical role, and adds a tiny bit of visual variety to your Aliens.

Yes yes, the head is the biggest change, but it’s also got Isolation Xeno’s legs. Just something to keep in mind.

The Alien’s head flares out at the side, making it seem sort of like an intermediary step next to the Queen. Or maybe just like an Alien with a slightly different head design. You be the judge!

The head’s texturing looks like it could fit in a movie very easily – this may be from a comic, but it doesn’ feel like it originated in one. oddly, it also seems in line with various video game or toy Xenomorphs, too.

The paint is in line with the ordinary brown Xenomorph, and the yellowish earth tones are kind of soothing in their own odd way.

Its jaws are different, too, providing nested rows of teeth without including the usual Alien inner mouth. This is comic-accurate, and is a little reminiscent of Prometheus or Covenant. Interesting detail, though.

The detailing on the head really does work for this creature, and it’s great how well NECA can adapt side parts of the Alien mythos into their toy line.

Well, there you go. The changes may be nearly minimal, but the Alien looks pretty distinct, and it adds some variety to your Alien shelf without going too cartonish.

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