Your Week of Nerd Things 8/25/17

Its been another week of Nerd Things and this weekend there will be more.  I am on my way over to Wizard World Chicago 2017.  You can follow me on twitter as I update

Yesterday we showed you Panser reacting to some Blizzard videos from Gamescon.  But before that Blizzard released another Overwatch video featuring Junkrat and Roadhog and she reacted to that too.


There will be a lot of cosplay at the convention this weekend and I will probably be bringing you plenty of cosplay pictures.  In the meantime here are some cosplay videos.

First one from Ukrainian cosplay Tanya Croft.


And one from cosplay Odfel.


There may be other Nerd Things that come up or even some that I am forgetting.  There will be more for you on Monday.

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