Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Kenner Warrior Xenomorph (NECA Aliens)

This was going to be published last week, but then work turned to chaos and kicked my ass.  Whoops!  ANYWAY, we’ve got more NECA Aliens!  The brevity of this review is partly because of work (yay 19-hour days) and partly because it’s a repaint, thus soethign we have seen before.


Late in the Kenner line, we got a few Kay-Bee exclusive repaints of older Alien and Predator figures. One of those was a bright blue Warrior Alien. And thus, NECA has a good reason for another repaint – one that’s totally at home with their glowing green infra-red Xeno!

It’s the Ultimate Xenomorph sculpt, which means that there are slight differences in articulationf rom the regular Alien we know and love – slightly more movement in the elbows and legs, but no bicep swivel for some odd reason. But yes, you have seen this figure – entirely screen-accurate design, only now in blue!


But seriously, it’s bright blue. It is semi-transucent, and if you pay close attention you will notice that there are a few layers of paint on there, which helps it look good. You can even see the outline of the skull inside its head dome!


Blue and Green look perfect together, even though they are different Xeno styles.


The thing about the solod-color Xenomorphs is, they stand out really well on display, which merits quite a lot on its own. They’re awesome!


Well, there you go. It’s blue, blue, BLUE!!! Seriously. We now need a good neon red Alien – not the red xenos that already exist, but one that’s bright, semi-opaque, and great under a neon light, you know? For a proper color wheel.

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