Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Doom Gotter Vol. 4 (Imperfecz & Ironhaus)

Hey, everybody!  My love for indy mini figures is known, and now two of my favorite people are back with a fourth installment of Doom Gotter, the line that takes mythical creatures and turns them into gigantic kaiju!  Volume 4 was a long time coming, but they’ve delivered – Luke Harris created Hyakume, the hundred-eyed Yokai monster, while Jimmy Rommel dipped into Greek Mythology with the Erymanthian Boar!  You can buy the figures at Imperfecz, and there are plenty of paint options – as always, I got mine with a paint wash to bring out the details.  So, let’s take a look at the figures!

The buildings are back, but with a surprise – they’ve got a special metallic finish which really makes them stand out! THey looked great before, and are utterly fantastic now!

The taller of the two, Hyakume is about as large as Baba Yaga in Vol. 3. Luke Harris outdid himself with its blobbish form and the individually-sculpted eyes covering its body! This is a great chunk of rubber, and it is rather remiiscent of many eye cratures, whether Eye Guy from Power Rangers or that one mini-boss from Astyanax (the old NES game. I can go real obscure).

And he’s just as good from the back, with plenty of depth to the sculpt as well as those fantastic eyes!

Jimmy Rommel sculpted the Erymanthian Boar, which was one of Hercules’s labors. As it’s been created in Rommel’s signature sculpting style, this creature looks more like a demonic Ganondorf than a standard pig, but that’s just fine! Even at this tiny scale, his face has plenty of personality, and you can’t help but notice the alternate belly mouth.

Interestingly, the Boar is the smaller of the two figures – Jimmy’s figures tend to be smaller than Luke’s – clocking in a tthe same rough size as a MUSCLE. He’s a great piece of compact sculpting, though, and is just as clean and monstrous as all the others in this line!

The color I chose is translucent under lighting, and when doubled with the paint wash, it creates an awesome effect when you shine a light behind them – the details look drawn in!

Well, there you go! The quality of these figures hasn’t gone down – and in fact, these two sculptors are still on a row! Doom Gotter is a great little indy line and you owe it to yourself to grab them!

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