Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Flopshops (vending machine toys)


Well, after that last bout of negativiy, it’s time for something fun!  A little while ago, I spied a new vending machine at the local Wal-Mart, but the marquee was obscured.  So I took a picture, showed it to some minifigure-loving friends, and… uh, we bought a ton in bulk.  So now it’s time to share.


Flopshops are kindasorta like Trash Pack or Grossery Gang figures, only with a different art style – they’re small, made of PVC, and created by the artist team of Gus Fink and Emi Boz!  For their quality, you wouldn’t expect to only pay about fifty cents each – and if you buy in bulk, they’ll be even less per unit!

Worst Cookie Eva is one of the stars of this set – I don’t know what’s so bad about her as a cookie, but Eva certainly looks shell-shocked. She’s seen things, man. Things.

Terrible Donut is clearly terrible because of his personality – or maybe because he knows pink-frosted donuts are a Simpsons thing. He’s also a great standout in this set because of his personality – just a little donut, filled with rage.

Corny Pop Pete is apparently the most violent popcorn ever, telling formthat stitched-up scar. This was the figure I noticed in the vending marquee that first got my attention, too.

Dumb Boot is not a food item, but he’s hilarious – it’s amazing how much personality there can be in such a simple face.

Cotton Candy Carl is clearly displeased with the way his life has turned out. Too bad, too, as spun sugar rarely has a long shelf life.

Candy Bar Bum may not look like a bum, but he’s probably very low-quality chocolate. All waxy and stuff.

Prant Plant is… uh, is prant even a word? Or a name? Or something? He’s a potted plant monster.

Sparklin’ Spoof… okay, what is a spoof? Is it candy? Because she looks like she might be hard candy. I DON’T KNOW.

Yo Berry Fresh is one cool customer, what with those trendy shades and all. Good strawberry.

And finally, we have Partied Out, a used party hat that’s just tired of life. Gotta love those Van Gogh eyes, too.

Well, there you go! Pure, unbridled fun. You need these. If you can find them in the wild, spend your quarters! If not, then look them up! They are just.. just… fun. Yes, fun.

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