Your Week of Nerd Things 9/29/17

Welcome to the end of another week of Nerd Things.  A lot of nerdy things popped up this week so lets take a look at a few.

Night Vale Presents has started a new fiction podcast called It Makes A Sound.  It explores the discovery of a cassette tape featuring the music of a fictional 1990’s artist.  There isn’t any real music in the first episode but I am excited to hear more after hearing the first music sample from the trailer.


Also this week saw the release of a trailer for a movie based on a book Annihilation.  In it you will see some teasers for what looks like some freaky alien bio-forming stuff.  Also it has Natalie Portman and Oscar Isaac.


Heroes of the Storm introduced a new map, Volskaya Foundry, and a new hero, Ana.  Junkrat will probably be coming to the game soon after.


The Inhumans TV show will be starting soon.  So here they are in lego form.

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