Your Week of Nerd Thing 10/6/17

We end this week with one last Doctor Who thing and a few other nerdy items that have popped up.

For the final most horrifying thing to come out of Doctor Who we have of course The Daleks.  This might seem obvious a choice but I stand by it.

The Daleks are horrible on their own for being genocidal but they are even more insidious in that they have a tendency to bring out the worst in The Doctor himself.  And not matter what he does the Daleks always find new ways to make life terrible for him.


Now for a few other quick things.  A new trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising came out today.


Here is the latest Anime in Minutes video from Gigguk for the series No Game No Life.


And finally here is cosplayer Tabitha Lyons dressing up as Supergirl to promote the Season 2 DVD.

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