Your Daily Nerd Thing: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing.  Today we talk about Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 4.  This was actually the first episode of the series I ever saw and I quickly went back and caught up.  From then on I had to wait patiently for new episodes like everyone else.

The episode starts with the characters playing a board game asking ‘what is the biggest thing in the world?’. At this point the characters seem to be aware a lesson is supposed to start and attempt to prompt the world globe to get it going.  After some long pauses the globe finally shows them its face only to them be interrupted by a singing computer on the desk on the other side of the room.  The characters try to role with it but the computer ignores the original lesson instead showing them pictures of a box of oats.  The computer then begins asking a long string of invasive questions until Red Guy tries to put a stop to it.  The moment Red Guy touches the keyboard the computer freaks out and everything goes black.

After a few distorted images and disturbing screaming sounds the characters find themselves all computer animated.  Things start going back and forth between the physical puppet world and the computer animated digital world.  At this point everyone seems to be on the same page about the lesson focusing on computers now.  Then the computer tells them about the three things they can do over and over again.  From there things devolve to a level far more than usual.

We begin to see Red Guy sitting at the table alone in front of the computer screen.  In the digital world Yellow Guy and Duck Guy seem to get absorbed into the computers increasingly nonsensical imagery.  In the real world Red Guy can’t seem to do anything until he finds a cord leading from the computer to a door in the back of the room.  He goes through the door and finds a warped version of the reality he knows.  Red Guy can’t seem to comprehend what is happening and his head explodes ending the episode.

Now for some analysis.  In this episode the computer tries to draw the characters into the digital world to trap them.  However Red Guy sees the trap and is not caught in it.  However seeing the falsehood of the digital world also allows him to finally recognize that the world he has already been living in is also false.  This allows him to ‘escape’ to a higher level of reality but once he reaches that higher state of being he is so overwhelmed that his mind can’t handle it.  The other possibility is that someone is making his head explode for daring to peak behind the curtain of reality.  Either way we will be talking more about this as we go into the last two episodes.

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