Your Daily Nerd Thing: Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared 5

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing.  Today we look at episode five of Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared.  At the end of the last episode something happened to Red Guy.  At the start of this episode he is gone and Duck Guy and Yellow guy can’t quite seem to figure out what is different.  Red Guy does not show up during the episode lesson but his presence is there in drawings on the fridge and pictures on the wall.

At first it is just the two of them in the kitchen.  Then they notice a loaf of bread on the counter who seems to be singing a tune to himself.  Suddenly a can greens emerges from a cupboard and starts singing to them about being hungry.  A moment later it is joined buy a human sized ‘Steak Guy’ who leads the episode lesson on hunger and eating healthy.

From the start Duck Guy is noticeably uncomfortable.  He knows something is wrong.  The previous lessons always end up turning into nonsense but this time just like with the computer something is off right from the start.  At one point Duck Guy even tries to point out that the lesson makes no sense and he is interrupted by the food singing.

During the episode a phone rings several times.  It is a red phone.  Whenever it rings the lesson abruptly stops.  Duck Guy tries to answer the phone and flashes to a dark hospital room before getting pulled back into the colorful world of the lesson.  Eventually Duck Guy has enough and runs off saying “I don’t want to do this anymore”.  He seems to knock over the camera and the audience can see for a brief moment that the kitchen is just a stage set.

The lesson continues without Duck Guy.  Yellow Guy is now alone with the singing food teachers.  But Duck Guy is not gone yet.  He is now back in that hospital room watching the episode on a TV.  We soon zoom out to see that Duck Guy has been vivisected and is having his insides devoured by a giant smiley faced food can.

Back in the kitchen Yellow Guy seems unable to grasp what is happening as the singing becomes more and more incoherent and meaningless.  The episode ends with Yellow Guy alone in the dark.  His body looks overstuffed after it seems he has been overfed with canned food bearing the Duck Guy’s face.  The red phone rings one last time but Yellow Guy just stares at it.  The episode ends and during the credits we finally see Red Guy.  He is walking from a phone booth and he is wearing clothes and carrying a brief case.

Now I would like to talk about two of the popular fan theories about the show.  The first is that Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is all about growing up.  Each character represents a different age group.  Red Guy represents teenagers.  Duck Guy represents grade school kids.  Yellow Guy represents preschool kids.  The lessons are about the things we teach or at least try to teach kids to prepare them for adulthood.  Red Guy is gone in this episode because at the end of the last one he became an adult.  He realized he was still living in a childish world and stepped beyond it.  In this episode he is trying to reach out to Duck Guy to tell them that its okay, he just became an adult.  He is trying to tell them that the transition to adulthood can be scary and confusing but they can do it.  By the end of the episode Yellow Guy is alone so perhaps Duck Guy has also made the leap to being an adult however if the imagery is any indication Duck Guy had a much more traumatic experience.

The other major theory is that Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is a television show and the characters are all child actors representing the same age groups as before, teenager, middle school kid, and preschool kid.  However at the end of the computer episode Red Guy took a stand questioning how the show is run and he was fired for it.  With Red Guy gone Duck Guy is now thrust into the position of being the show’s lead character and the pressure is too much for him.  Like so many child actors before him Duck Guy gets devoured by the entertainment system.  Now with his co-stars gone we are left to wonder what will become of Yellow Guy.

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