Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Grossery Gang: Putrid Power (part 2)

Hey, all!  Sorry for the long delay, but I had a catastrophic computer failure – and then after getting it back, I felt lazy.  Well, I AM BACK!  And here’s a review that I had ready just before the crash.

I already reviewed the first several Grossery Gang action figures.  Moose Toys has a habit of holding back about 1/3 of every series they release for about a month, and this line is no different – the last three figures simply did not show up for quite a while.  But now… they are here.  The three remaining figures are Squished Banana, Fungus Fries, and a Trash Pack crossover character, Blow Fly.  In the interim, I saw the animated movie, and… shall never mention it again.  We’ll leave it at that.  ANYWAY, let us look and enjoy!


AKA: Ricardo

Squished Banana is the most unappeeling dude you’ll meet! Some days he’s a romantic fool, some days he’s a rotten fruit. You’ll never know because of his SPLIT personality! This guy can’t wait to get his slimey slippery hands on the Clean Team and put a few bends into them so he can impress the Grossery of his dreams! Get ready to fight dirty!

Yeah, the descriptions have not gotten any better.  Squished Banana is bright and vibrant, surprising since bananas rot like, instantly.  However, he’s covered in slime and gunge, and has a bite taken out of his head.  His weapon is a banana bat, which fits the “Vague bludgeoning weapon” theme for most of this line.


But come on, look at that face.  In the cartoon, hes this suave, mustachioed Spaniard, but this toy is of a complete raging lunatic.


The small banana figure also looks rather squished, in contrast to the original, which is only a little peeled.  Still, he’s pretty distinct from the original, and both of those are different from the other banana character in Series 3, which is awesome.  So many nanners.


The Wave 2 figures are all good, but Squished Banana is my personal favorite.



AKA: Chips McGraw

Fungus Fries is proof that you don’t need to be crazy to live in the Yucky Mart – but it sure helps! Fungus Fries is packed with grease. This makes him a slippery dude to catch! A little crazy and mostly mad, he’s a team member who always chips into battle, His motto; “Winning’s easy when you’re extra greasy!” Get ready to fight dirty!

If not for the green slime, he’d fit right into Food Fighters, wouldn’t he?  It’s a great figure, he’s extremely expressive, and he quite possibly has the best weapon in the series – his handheld fryer is the perfect size to fit his companion figure!


Fungus Fries is a pretty good mini – it’s hard to go wrong with an insane pack of french fries (side note: ever seen moldy fries? Euuuugh), and I really can’t complain.


It’s a pretty good update from the original, too – more cartoonish, but that fits.


Wave 2 of the Putrid Power figures really all hit it out of the park, and Fungus Fries is no different.



AKA: Buzz

Watch out for the “Muck from Above!” Blow Fly is one annoying dude. When he’s not relaxing on a dog poop he’s nibbling on your lunch! This mutated maggot with wings has come to help the Grosseries defeat the Clean Team! Gross to the max, Blow Fly loves to dive bomb the enemy and drop the slop on his opponents! He’s one foul fly! Get ready to fight dirty!

Wow, poop reference in a child’s toy!  Blow Fly does not have a Grossery analogue – he’s a direct import from The Trash Pack.  He doesn’t appear in the cartoon, but that’s fine.  This is really the most unique of the designs – he ain’t food, he ain’t a Clean Team bot, and he’s even pretty far removed from the trash can figure.  Blow Fly is his own beast, and comes armed with a fly swatter.


His face is great, and super-expressive, but he does not have a neck joint – none of the wave 2 figures can pop off their heads and fit a Grossery figure on, which is sad.  He does have swivel joints in his wings, though, which is great.


His mini figure is unique, being the only Blow Fly in this line – though it is pretty similar to the Trashie.  It’s a great figure, though, and one must wonder when he’ll get another regular Grossery.


Is that a meatball, or a squished bug on his swatter?


Blow Fly has turned out to be a fairly popular figure already, if just for his uniqueness – he can also fit into a lot of other toylines.  Try mixing him in with your ninja turtles!


Anyway, there you go.  The last three figures in this line lack the swappable head fun but they are really, really good.  Squished Banana and Fungus Fries are pretty impressive, and Blow Fly is the most unique figure so far.  Here’s hoping for another line of full-sized figures – and, since they keep selling out, that can’t be too unlikely!


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