Your Daily Nerd Thing: Silent Hill

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing.  Once again we have another spotlight week.  This time we are looking at the world of Silent Hill.  Silent Hill is a survival horror video game series developed by game company Konami.  The first game was released in 1999 and has spawned many sequels and spin offs and even a few movies.  But what is Silent Hill?

Silent Hill is a town somewhere in the American Northeast.  It was a coal mining town once but some kind of disaster has left it uninhabited.  There is talk of the land there being sacred.  There is power in Silent Hill and groups have popped up that worship it as the power of god although they have different ideas about what that god is and what it wants.  When people come to Silent Hill the power there forces them to face their sins.  Depending on how you react it can be a place of healing or a place of punishment.

Today we will talk about the first Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 which are the two most directly related games.  First here is a video from Lore In A Minute about the first game.

In the first game you play as Harry Mason looking for his daughter Cheryl.  In the live action movie they had the mother looking for the daughter instead but followed a similar story.  Anyway Spoiler Warning for a game over a decade old, Harry finds his daughter but she gets transformed into a baby and they escape Silent Hill.  At least that’s the ending that’s canon because it has to be for Silent Hill 3 to exist.

Silent Hill 3 is a direct sequel to the first game and the only direct sequel in the franchise so far.  In it we meet Heather who (Spoiler Warning) is obviously a now teenage Cheryl Mason as the Silent Hill cult tries to get her to be the mother of their god.

Silent Hill is also known for producing very memorable soundtracks composed by Akira Yamaoka but we can go into that in more detail on another Daily Nerd Thing.

The primary mechanic of Silent Hill is that the characters are frequently getting pulled back and forth between the regular physical world and the nightmarish otherworld where they encounter horrific monsters that symbolize their trauma and/or wrongdoings.  In the otherworld they can run from or fight it out with their inner demons and sometimes other peoples demons.  Silent Hill works in mysterious ways to make people deal with their issues.


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