Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Stranger Things (Funko 9 POA)

Today, on October 27th, 2017, Season 2 of Stranger Things debuts on Netflix.  So, let’s look at merchandise for Season 1!


These figures are part of Funko’s 9 POA line – nine points of articulation in a retro package, sort of like advanced ReAction figures.  Right now, you can buy two three-packs – this one happens to be Will, Dustin, and the Demogorgon.  There are three, which give you all the kids as well as two versions of the monster.  And yes, I chose this one specifically for the Demogorgon.


The packaging has some really nice art on the back, though it doesn’t tell you how many figures are in the line.  And of course, it doesn’t tell you the price – it’s #30 for a pack of three 3′ 3/4″ figures.  They’d be believable if single-packed at $10, but somehow seeing this at $30 feels off-putting.  Just buyer beware first…. if not for the fact that you can find them for as cheap as $16, if you wait for a sale on Amazon and such.


Oh, Will. Poor, poor Will. Spent the first season kidnapped and vomiting slugs, and it looks like season 2 isn’t going to be much kinder to him, either. While he has a sickly paint variant, this figure shows him at his most normal and carefree – and you know, if you don’t careabout the property, he is a flawless “normal kid” toy to fit in with other figures.


The toy has the actor’s big, wide eyes, which help him look particularly troubled and terrified. Even if the figure seems to have “soft” details, things like the specifics of the eyes really help sell the likeness.


Dustin’s missing teeth are not apparent on the figure, though it is recognizably him. He’s just as well-done as Will in most respects, though his facial likeness isn’t quite the same.


As you can see, his face looks justa little too alien – almost, but not quite capturing the actor’s likeness the way that the Will figure did.


And now for the star of the set, the Demogorgon! It’s bigger and taller than the kids, and heavily-detailed and textured. Anything that may have seemed skimped with the others (and wasn’t skimped) is more than made up for with this figure. Is paint is nively complex, and fairly precise. It has only one flaw, though.

These pictures took an insane amount of time to take, because the Demogorgon’s leg and ankle joints are weak, and the figure can barely support its own weight under the best of circumstances. Note how I usually posed it hanging on to something. Hopefully this is not line-wide, but those loose joints are a serious problem – there are ways to fix it on a figure, though it really shouldn’t be a problem at any price point higher than “tiny. That said, if you ignore those loose leg joints, it’s a fantastic figure.


With this set, it’s going to depend on price. At $30, the loose joint issues will feel awful. For less, though, and it becomes a great set of figures. Stranger Things merchandise certainly exists, though this is the only game in town for non-chibified, non-stylized figures. They do look quite good, with proper likenesses on the human characters and great detail on that Demogorgon. Enjoy Season 2!


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