Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Demogorgon (Loot Crate Dungeons & Dragons)


Hi, all!  This review was meant to run back in September, but Catastrophic computer failure knocked em all off-kilter! Anyway, today we are looking at the first Lootcrate-produced action Figure, which was available in their August shipment: Demogorgon! No, not from Stranger Things. No,not the pseudepigraphal Medieval Christian demon – the monster from Dungeons & Dragons!

A Prince of Demons, Demogorgon bears two heads (sometimes wolf, mandrill, or similar) named Aameul and Hethradiah, and rules over a vast jungle domain deep within the Abyss. Demogorgon, Orcus, and Graz’zt are some of the most prominent demon lords, and the other two have long since had proper miniatures, with Orcus even having a Gargantuan-sized figure. In the prepainted line, Demogorgon had to make do with a wussy “Aspect of Demogorgon” in 2003.


…Yeah. He’s also getting two new ones soon in a retro set, one small-ish and one larger. But either way, Lootcrate’s Demogorgon, based on his 5th Edition art, is the first truly in-scale painted figure/mini of the character.


Demogorgon comes in a really nice box. It doesn’t show the figure inside, but it matches D&D minis and expansions and such in their packaging style, which works pretty well.


Demogorgon’s two heads are less baboon-like these days (though to be fair, baboons are terrifying), but are clearly recognizable. I do miss his long necks, but the figure work with or without them. They don’t move (he has very little articulation), but to be fair, lots of “articulated” necks don’t do much these days.


Demogorgon’s legs are also solid and unarticulated, which may help for stability, but he could have survived easily even with swivel joints – his tentacle arms anchor him just fine.


The tail comes in a separate piece that plugs in, but has a visible seam line. It is also strangely unarticulated, though Demogorgon’s arms are on right ball joints – you an move and reposition them, but that’s it. The figure is almost a statue…. though to be fair, aany D&Dminiis going to have no movement at all.


Demogorgon stands taller than the Orcus mini, though Orcus is hunched – they’re in scale! You can finally have the two demon princes fight it out!


And that’s really the thing. This massive, heavy (and durable) chunk of vinyl fills a gap that has needed filling for a long time. When I got the figure, it cost about $40, which is much less than comparably-sized D&D minis. It’s only a so-so action figure, but it’s not really meant to be one – it is, after all, in scale with the iniatures, and all it’s missing is a black round or square base.


I went nutswhen I saw that this existed, and I’m still glad it’s out there. Demogorgon is going to sit on my display shelf for a long, long time.


Well, they finally made a good Demogorgon, and it’s even in scale! Lootcrate did decently with their first outing, even with some room for improvement. If you can find Demogorgon for a decent price, then by all means go for it!

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