Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Fulgore (Killer Instinct)

You know who’s lazy? Me. I am lazy.  I uh, took time off for NaNoWriMo this month, and then sorta kept slacking on my reviews… but I’m back!  Anyway, uh, Killer Instinct has some figures, and I found Fulgore on a tremendous sale.  Fulgore is a robot, somewhat reminiscent of the Predator, who may or may not have been made from Thunder’s brother.  Maybe, since there are at least three separate Fulgores in the games, as well as a gun-toting prototype, Kilgore. Because he is, like, a robot, all his costume options involve alternate heads. And one of those is an accessory! So, let’s look at this dude. He’s about seven inches tall and sturdy, but how is he as a figure?

Fulgore’s joints are almost all swivels, even when they look like ball joints. He can barely move from the waist down, and his arms have limited poses, too. Thankfully, he stands in a dynamic, stable-looking set of poses, but for a fighter, he really can’t move much.

This is Fulgore’s face. It’s his basic look, more or less, since 1995 – and that ponytail doesn’t make him look dated and ’90s, does it?

There has never really been an explanation for the ponytail, but it’s such a part of Fulgore’s silhouette that he would be unrecognizable without it.

Fulgore has used metal and laser claws – the latter is his current setup, though the classic ones always glowed when he used them to fire… uh, lasers. So it works, anyway. They are also interchangeable, although they do not fit super-securely into his hands.

Fulgore’s alternate head and claws make up his accessories, and they’ve got an inconsistency. His head has the Hi-Tech mask and Hi-Tech helm (read: ponytail), but the claws are from the Military set, not the Hi-Tech one. It’s weird, though not the biggest problem in the world, since both are metal claws with the only difference being shape.

The hi-tech face has four eyes, not unlike a movie Transformer. It looks pretty cool, and offers a distinctive change from his regular face.

All right, those are pretty much USB cables.

If they weren’t going to include the Hi-Tech claws, they really should have included his classic claws as an option. Still, they look like commando knives attached to his wrists, which is great.

Fulgore comes with a fairly ornate base – the bases in this toy line look great, and his is no different.

Fulgore’s posture makes him seem a lot larger than many of the other figures, but he’d be pretty close to Sabrewulf if the latter could stand up.

All in all, Fulgore’s lack of articulation is really the only real proble with this figure, as it’s a pretty solid toy otherwise.

Well, there you go! It’s not quite a statue, though the articulation is limited – more than a McFarlane toy, less than it should be. But the figure does look pretty good,and integrates well with “normal” toys.

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