Your Week of Nerd Things 12/1/17

Hello everyone, yesterday wordpress was glitchy so the remaining nerd things will be included here.  There were a number of other nerdy things that popped up this week and here are some of them.

First here is the trailer for Batman Ninja and anime series coming next year where it looks like Batman and his foes are transplanted to feudal Japan.


And I shared a lot of Marvel stuff this week including a picture of several MCU ladies together.  Well Caity Lotz from the CW DC shows also shared a picture of the ladies from this weeks Crisis on Earth-X crossover event.


By the way Crisis on Earth-X was this week and it was pretty great.


And here is a pretty good video about the history of the Metal Gear video game series.


And finally Blizzard opened up what will be the final raid for the World of Warcraft Legion expansion but we will talk about that more on Monday.  See you then.

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