Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Flush Force

Yes, you will buy your kids a toilet for Christmas. It’s Flush Force – a new collectible mini-figure line by Spin Master that is patterned exactly after a Moose line.  You know, minifigs, rubber, paint variations, blind-packed, and with some of the set missing the first time through. The gimmick with these guys is theoretically toilets, but also that they are much ore monstrous (usually) than Grossery Gang.  They’re brand-new, rolling out in Toys R Us NOW, and… pretty cool, honestly.

This is how you unpack them – when you buy figures, there will be some stowed away out of sight, but always two to a toilet.  Fill it with water, shake until the soluble lid dissolves, and then enjoy!

So in a pack like this, two are in the toilet, and another two are stowed underneath.  The 8-pack has four in two toilets, for example.  And there’s also the, uh… gigantic toilet with electronic sounds that always comes with the same four dudes. High art this is not.


ANYWAY, this is a normal toilet.  It has a cardboard lid, to cover…


The soluble cover!  You can remove the plastic before or after, as you want.


Once empty, it’s a toy in its own right, though I suspect I will get tired of having to store umpteen toy toilets.


The giant Collect-A-Bowl stores figures, and makes electronic flushing sounds.  So, let’s look at the figures.  They are a firmer, more solid rubber than Grossery toys, even with some variation.  Bugs and Floaters are softer rubber, but still not super-squishy.  “Floaters,” as suggested by their name, float due to air pockets inside the toy – some of them are accidentally manufactured with too-deep peg holes, and thus can’t float.  Food figures change color in hot water, though it’s subtle, street figures are metallic, animal figures are flocked and fuzzy,  body part figures are translucent, and the rest are normal.  Their quality is honestly really good, and paint variants actually have different names!  I got… a lot of them.  Too many.  So, without further ado, let’s just list them all!


Awesome Possum is a flocked figure… and since he came in one of the toilets, he got drenched immediately. This is a weird flaw – the flocked figures will probably look mangy.


O’Pus-Om looks similar to his brother, but is a little darker in color.


Awrecknoid is a spider -and slightly squishier, though not terribly so.


And Knobweb is blue.


WHen exposed to heat, the green stain on Banana Slips vanishes!


Slipz loses his watermelon stripes when heated.


There is an entire subsection of two-headed characters, of which Beak Freak is one.


And Turd Bird is purple.


Bowl Fish is one of the four Floaters who come with the Collect-A-Bowl. He’s a pretty standard pufferfish.


Catfish is, ha ha, a pun! It also floats.


Kitty Cast is a more interesting color scheme – and also one of the four available in the Collect-A-Bowl.


The stain in Cherry Bombz’s bite mark fades when heated.


Flush Cherry (why blue and not green?) lacks a bite mark stain, but the stains on his eyes change.


Crawlberry is a really unique design, and one of the things I love about this line. Sadly, the plant faction as a whole is missing so far, likely delayed for a later wave. Crawlberry is a food figure,and the huge stain over his eye fades when heated.


Dung Digger is a pretty ordinary bug. He might have trouble standing.


Turd Mite is green.


Farty McFly is a hilarious pun on a standard fly dude.


Fly Squatter just isn’t as funny.


Flippy Blowhole is another figure from the Collect-A-Bowl.


Gill-T is a pretty toothy guy – this line has a surprising number of fangy monsters.


Grody Grubs is kinda cool, but the bug faction does all look alike.


Monstrous Maggot is surprisingly pastel.


Another one of my favorites, Hot Snot is a living tissue box, and really showcases the stylistic differences between this line and Grossery Gang.


yes, Hurl Squirrel’s other color scheme is a skunk.


Litter Omitter is a five-tailed cat with an eyepatch. Oddly, some of the flocked animals seem oddly mystical – five tails, a Shiva pose, a third eye… odd.


Mean Steamed is cauliflower (his alt is broccoli), and his worms and eyes change color when heated. I really love this one’s design, too – and it’s one of the few without a hole in the bottom. Also, broccoli worms are a thing.


Ragin’ Cagin’ (not Cajun?) is the fourth of the Collect-A-Bowl figures. He does float, too.


Raw Claw is the same, except blue.


Reptile Pile isn’t exactly “Two-headed” as much as two separate creatures, but it’s a great Q-bert reference!


And Vermin Twin is, of course, green.


Double Snap, if he had tan heads and a red shell, would look exactly like the first boss from Rygar on the NES.



Roach Coach is a pretty basic roach.


Rolly Moldy is a pillbug.


Sloppy Slug has a really zany expression, and is using a soda can for a shell. The creative figures seem to be somewhat harder to find.


Smudgy is a roll of toilet paper – his alt version is white, with a visible brown cardboard tube in the middle. This version is just stained yellow and brown. No wonder he’s grouchy.


Snake, Rattle ‘N Roll is a snake disguised as a parking meter – and man, the street figures are the best, I swear. Too bad I’ve only got the one!


Sour Suds, a bar of soap, is excellently-painted and sculpted, and just looks awesome.


Terrible Timber is a multi-armed beaver in a Shiva pose, which is just surreal.


Ugly Sluggies are wonderfully amorphous.


And finally, Upchuck Duck is a rubber ducky (the alt version is yellow). SO, there you go – these figures are surprisingly good, even if the really interesting onesseem harder to find. They’re worth a flush!

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