Alien “Big Chap” Trading Figures (Kotubukiya)

Kotubukiya, known for its expensive artwork, statues, and prop replicas, has also produced a mini-figure line based on the Alien films, with each two-pack costing about $15, and… wait, you know what? I’ll let pictures tell this one. See that alien up top? That’s “Relax,” and it’s one of the most hilarious toys ever made.

“Breakdancing” likes to party far more than the average Xeno!

“Squat”‘s tail makes it hard to fit him on a toilet, sadly.

“Hang” dangles nicely off a ledge.

“Daydream” is likewise fantastic. Seriously, they could make another series of these guys, and it’d be worth it.

And finally, “Yoga” is destined to be desk decoration for many, many office-ites. Zen, dude! ZEN. But seriously, this set is hilarious – the figures are small and unpainted, but worth it. Absolutely worth it.

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