Comic Book Storytelling: Avengers No Surrender Part 1

Comic Book Storytelling makes its triumphant return today.  Yes it has been a very long time since we last talked comic books around here.  I will be resuming the column that will hopefully remain weekly.  And what brought me back?  Well it was just time and Marvel is having another event… I think.  Its getting to hard to tell which things are events and which are just individual title stories.  Anyway this No Surrender story was on the shelves this week with a fancy cover and I think its an event.  Then again I thought that whole Standoff Pleasant Hill thing was going to be a major event but instead we got a year of Captain America going all Hail Hydra on us.


In this comic the Earth has been stolen to an unknown part of the universe causing earthquakes and all manner of other natural disasters.  Everyone is space scrambles to find out where the planet went while everyone on the surface works to rescue people from the damage.

There are like five Avengers teams now and I have no clue who is on what team anymore but it doesn’t really matter here.  There are lots of Avengers all over the place and by the end they are mostly all together.  And apparently the Janet Van Dyne wasp is alive again! So that was nice to find out.  She was dead for a very long time after her stupid pointless death back during Secret Invasion.  I will never let that one go by the way.   And there is also still that other Wasp who is Hank Pym’s illegitimate daughter and not Hope floating around and hanging out with Jarvis when he is killed.  Speaking of pointless comic book deaths that have zero emotional impact, Jarvis the Avenger’s butler is dead and the Not-Hope Wasp is angry at Rogue about it.  By the way Rogue from the X-men is an Avenger these days.

Anyway towards the end of the story many of the Avengers are suddenly frozen in time.  The not-time-frozen Avengers get together to try to figure out what is going when suddenly… this lady appears!


What you don’t know who she is?  Well neither did I so I went looking.  It seems her name is Voyager and she has been hidden in some variant covers before.  It looks like Marvel is pulling some kind of retcon where she is a lost founding member of the Avengers.  I can’t begin to describe how skeptical I am of this.  It looks like a stunt but maybe it will turn out to be a great story.  We will see.  Check back next week as I talk about whatever other comics I have been reading.

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