Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Grossery Gang: Bug Strike


The Grossery Gang is back!  And if you thought the action figures felt like Food Fighters before, well boy howdy, hey’re not even subtle now!


Bug Strike builds on last year’s Clean Team theme by pitting the Grosseries against bugs. And then, just to keep it even more thematic, all the figures have their own military “rank” and theme, with characters like Pvt. Scabby Bandage and Sgt. Fly Face, and… well, there you go. The mini-figures are somewhat squishier than usual, and all come with teeny tiny weapons – all of them! As for the large action figures, they announced six, with three released in the first wave – three new sculpts,and three retooled versions of characters from the last wave. Since then, they’ve also revealed some repaints of the last set, too. But for now, it’s the first three action figures – redone versions of Putrid Pizza, Dodgey Donut, and Fungus Fries! they aren’t repaints – there are definite sculptural changes – and the figures now have action features!


Putrid Pizza is cut for action and knows how to stick it to the Bug Army with his Sticky Cheese Whip! When it comes to being nasty, this guy always delivers! There’s nothing nice about this slice. Defeating the bugs is not going to be easy,
but it will be cheesy! This time it’s survival of the stickiest!
SPECIAL ATTACK: Catch some bugs by swatting them with Pizza Face’s Sticky Cheese Whip!


Another innocent youth radicalized by propaganda. Putrid Pizza has a few reused parts, but is mostly an updated sculpt – though I suspect that his head was built off the original. You can see the Food Fighters vibe they were going for quite well.


I hope that they didn’t wreck the master sculpt to do this, but the changes on these guys do blend in well.


He does come with a new Grossery, though as it doesn’t have a weapon-holding hand, even the military deco doesn’t make it fit in with the other small figures in this line. Still, now you’ve got an army pizza!


Sadly, he’s the only one who can head-swap in the first wave – though it does look amusing!


As for his “action feature,” his weapon is basically a sticky hand, albeit not very sticky. It’s kind of cool, though it’s no pizza slicer.


Mad and Moldy and ready to roll into combat, Dodgey Donut is one unclean marine! With his battle cry of “DONUT SURRENDER” he’ll take on any bug with just a knife and fork until his opponents end up in bite size pieces! Rude, crude and barely food, it’s time for a dirty battle.
SPECIAL ATTACK: Fold Dodgey Donut’s arms & legs inside his body & roll him over the bugs!


Dodgey Donut’s do-rag marks him pretty clearly as a Gears of War dude, and he even shares the same physique. His weapon, a knife and fork that combines into a single uber-utensil, is also pretty creative. But then, he used to carry churro nunchaku.


You’ll notice a leg length disparity with the original, but that actually has to do with his action feature.


You can pop Dodgey Donut open like a Mighty Max case, and fold his limbs inside!


I admit, that’s a pretty cool little feature.


He comes with a bandana-wearing mini donut,too.


Not all of the action features are weapon-based, but this one really isn’t very intrusive on the toy itself.


Fungus Fries is loaded with grease and ready for a splat attack with his sloppy Ketchup Launcher! This fried fighter always chips in on the battlefield! He’s the master when it comes to organizing an oily ambush and he’s got the grot to stop the bugs in their tracks!


With camo patterns and a pair of goggles, Fungus Fries is otherwise pretty much the same as before.


His mini guy looks like he’s wearing shades rather than goggles – well, they could just be aviator sunglasses, right?


As for his action feature, it’s a non-spring version of a missile launcher. Just flick the projectile, and it flies out of his bazooka!


Well, there you go! Three resculpts at once is a little bland, but the next wave promises to include ice cream, a hot dog, and a militaristic spider – so here’s hoping for that, eh?


2 responses to “Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Grossery Gang: Bug Strike

  1. “Donut surrender!” A battle cry where he sounds like he’s giving up!

    They only ever made one “bad guy” for the previous theme, so is this upcoming spider facing the festering food alone?

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