Comic Book Storytelling: Doomsday Clock, No Surrender Part 3, X-men Blue

This week in comic book storytelling we look at the two major ongoing events at Marvel and DC. Also there is a new X-Men title coming soon and the cover caught my eye.


First lets talk about DC Comic’s Doomsday Clock event. It is up to its third issue now. It started off in the Watchmen universe where Adrian Viedt’s plan to bring peace to the world fell apart once Rorschach’s journal was discovered.  Now he has traveled to the DC universe along with a new Rorschach and a criminal couple called Mime and Marionette. Viedt went to talk to Lex Luthor and they were ambushed by the Comedian.  It looks like Doctor Manhattan brought the Comedian back to life for some reason but we have no clue what he has been doing since then.  Meanwhile new Rorschach went to talk to Batman.

It turns out the new Rorschach is a survivor of the fake alien attack on New York and the experience has left him traumatized and he became Rorschach as a coping mechanism.  He gets Batman to read original Rorschach’s journal and afterwards Batman claims to know where Doctor Manhattan is.  But at the end of the issue it turns out Batman just said that to trick him into a cell at Arkham Asylum.  Its not clear if Batman believes his story about coming from another universe or not or if he even believes the journal is real.  At any rate new Rorshach is very angry and locked up at the moment.  In other events Mime and Marionette went off and picked a fight with some goons who work for the Joker.  And we learned that Mime’s imaginary guns can kill people.  We don’t know for sure if he is a metahuman or just carries weapons made of invisible material.



Now lets talk about the Avenger No Surrender story.  So far no one has asked them to surrender anything yet. The Avengers did not get blown up when the mansion exploded because Voyager teleported everyone away.  I’m still not convinced she isn’t some kind of trickster/sleeper agent/mind parasite. Part 3 focuses a lot on Quicksilver.  It seems Rogue, who is leading one of the Avenger teams, is mad at him about something but we don’t get an explanation.  We do learn that the Grandmaster is responsible for making the Earth a battleground for the Black Order and the Lethal Legion to fight it out.  But we still don’t know who this other cosmic being the Grandmaster is competing against might be.  Scarlett Witch and Brother Voodoo work together to unfreeze one of the time frozen Avengers and it works, they free the Vision.  But as soon as that happens Quicksilver gets frozen.  A pair of the new villains then proceed to maybe smash him.  We don’t know how vulnerable the time frozen Avengers are so we will see if he is still in one piece next time.

Now there is one other thing I wanted to talk about.


Recently the X-Men got new titles for the Gold and Blue teams they are divided into plus there is an X-Men Red series on its way with Jean Grey.  Wow Jean Grey was dead for a good long while this time.  Anyway the Blue team is getting a new lineup already and I saw this preview image for them and I had to take a moment with it for several reasons.  The team composition is going to be hard for some people to wrap their head around.  Polaris is leading the team and that it probably the most normal member.  There are two men on the team who are the sons of Wolverine.  One if Daken the regular Marvel son of Wolverine and the other the Ultimate Universe son of Wolverine.  The team also has a vampire version of Storm.  And some girl called Gazing Nightshade.  But the one that really had me do a double take was Xorn.  I could write a whole article just about Xorn and how messed up the continuity surrounding him is.  Here is a quick take.

Xorn was a mutant with a star for a head that had to be contained in a special helmet.  But then he was Magneto.


But then he had a twin brother who had a blackhole for a head.  But then that Xorn said that Magneto was just impersonating his brother and the other real Xorn was still out there somewhere.  But then the Magneto impersonator was not the real Magneto.  But then Xorn was made of energy and he possessed Magneto and then was pulled out of him and then The Sentry threw Xorn into the sun.

What I’m trying to say is I have no idea what is going on with Xorn now or how he can be on an X-Men team and I don’t think anyone at Marvel understands either.  Maybe they will prove me wrong when this title hits the shelves.

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