Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Liege Maximo/Skullgrin (Transformers: Power of the Primes)

Transformers: Titans Return was all about remaking Headmasters and the like. And now we have Power of the Primes, which… sort does Headmasters again, but also remakes some of the old Pretenders! Sort of. The gist of Power of the Primes is, the legendary Transformers Primes are now tiny robots which can serve as the “core” for larger figures. They’re available with teeny-tiny versions of Pretender shells, though it’s important to note that they are a little stylized – old-fashioned Pretenders were meant to look biological, with Autobots as humans and Decepticons as monsters, but their new shells are all-robot. Anyway, let’s look at one of them – LIEGE MAXIMO, inside a SKULLGRIN shell!

The packaging is identical to small-figure packaging from Titans Return.

Skullgrin, the undead-demon monster, is now certainly more robotic – and only articulated in the arms. He’s also got a claw-shaped weapon, which helps make him look more like a Battle Beast reject. And yes, he’s got a lot of pink – the ’80s were an era of Manly Pink Designs, after all.

He “transforms” by lying down, clipping the claw to his back, and then swiveling out a post for Transformers to hold as a weapon. You can also attach the Prime, which we are going to discuss next.

When you open the Pretender shell, you reveal Liege Maximo! Liege Maximo was originally designed as a massive, green, demonic McFarlane-esque monstrosity, and then a Loki-ish Transformer, but this version looks like Skullgrin’s mini robot form.

The Primes are functionally identical to old Titan Masters, even though they aren’t “meant” to be heads.

Liege Maximo’s Prime COre mode even looks like a face… kinda. More of a Jack O’Lantern, but yeah, it’s a face. He does plug differently into the larger robots in Power of the Primes, serving as kind of a core, and admittedly it’s nice to also have the option to use him as a Titan Master headmaster.

Liege Maximo, one of the supreme creators of Cybertron and essentially a deity, is now a pink Jack O’ Lantern head.

Well, there you go! this isn’t a perfect adaptation, sure, and the non-headmasters are kind of weird, but Skullgrin does have his own charm, and I can’t wait for Octopunch! Which they will. Someday. Hopefully.

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