Your Daily Nerd Thing: Kingdom Hearts III

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet.  This weekend saw the release of some Kingdom Hearts III videos previewing the Toy Story and Monsters Inc worlds. Also the new theme song by Hikaru Utada.

The Kingdom Hearts games mix various Disney properties and elements of several Final Fantasy games. Fans have been waiting a long time for the third installment of the series. And no that 3D (Dream Drop Distance) game was not the third one it was yet another side story game, there have been a lot of those.  I could try to explain the story of Kingdom Hearts in more detail but nerds have a saying “the only thing more confusing that comic book continuity is video game continuity”. So here is a brief lore video that may no longer be up to date.


And before I forget here is the new theme song.

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