Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Grossery Gang: Bug Strike pt. 2

(NOTE: I am aware of the situation involving Toys R Us, but honestly too distraught to put my feelings into words.  Life In Plastic will, of course, continue with what I already had planned for this week.)

Hey, everybody!  Wave 2 of Grossery Gang’s new line has landed!  This is actually the second of three waves of full-sized action figures, as Moose has found its stride here. These three aren’t retools or repaints, though – they’re new characters entirely!  Are you ready for Grot Dog, Captain Lice Cream, and General Arak Attack?  Of course you are.  Everybody is.


GROT DOG aka Franco

Grot Dog can bring tears to his opponent’s eyes as he whips his spiky onion mace about!  There’s only one thing that bugs him more than a stale bun and that’s the dirty bugs who are trying to take over Cheap Town!  Grot Dog is a foot long warrior who’s ready to do his wurst!


Based on his garb and general appearance, Grot Dog is apparently a Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic sausage. I can’t be the only one who sees this. Instead of just giving us a Hot Dog dude or eve following the military theme, they’ve gone and handed us a War Boy. Utterly fantastic.

Grot Dog’s action feature is a spring-loaded arm, and the inertia to use his onion flail. The best ringing endorsement of the weapon I can think of is that, when a friend found out he wields an onion, she laughed uncontrollably for a few minutes.

The included minifigure is definitely separate from both other hot dog figures in the line – well, both of them were Horrid Hot Dog, while this one is Grot Dog!

Though the moment you turn both figures around, you’ll realize that he isn’t a hot dog – Grot Dog is actually a lop cheung bao! Now I want some Chinese sausage. On a side note, the way his legs connect to his torso leaves them potentially open to a little wear and tear – check the plastic to make sure it doesn’t receive any stress marks!


CAPT. LICE CREAM aka Icky Ice Cream

Captain Lice Cream is a sloppy, mean, fightin’ machine who’s ready to take the bugs “HEAD ON” with his Rollin’ and Bowlin’ Head!  Always angry because of a constant brain freeze, the best place to send this cold-hearted guy is to the battlefield!


Now, this guy has a lot to unpack. Like, why Lice Cream? Why not “Ice Scream?” Seriously, why? Well, he appears to be chocolate and mint, not lice-flavored. He does look like a wonderfully gnarly angry cone, though.

Although Lice Cream is mostly hard plastic, the tiny little cyclops scoop of ice cream on his head is soft rubber, and attaches with a peg. it’s both an accessory and a bonus figure!

One of his two action features is to load the eye scream (a pun!) into the ice cream scoop, and fling. it’s not spring-loaded or anything, but it’s doable.

As for the main feature, he’s spring-loaded! With the pres of a button, you can launch Lice Cream’s head. It’s hard plastic, so hopefully it won’t get damaged, but this is a really fun feature! I love how the action feature in this line are reminiscent of some older toys form the ’80s and ’90s, and are seriously great.

And yes, he can scoop himself.

Lice Cream’s mini appears to have a stick of butter on it.


GEN. ARAK ATTACK aka Hairy Legs
Made to fright and designed to fight, General Arak Attack knows how to set a trap for his enemy.  He can launch a bug attack with his hairy arms that will scare the pants off you!  This guy is scary, hairy, and he’s got all his eyes on the Grossery Gang!


From food to spiders! The sole villain in the line this time is General Arak Attack, a spidery soldier! Only rather than guns, he’s got weaponized babies.

See? These little guys fit into Arak Attack’s top claws, and he flings them as a weapon. You need to watch his claws with their antennae, or risk tearing them. There are a few small QC issues with this line, but they are clearly Moose’s action figure growing pains.

Mini Arak Attack also looks great, and has a more complex paint job than the other minis in this line, particularly the rest of the bugs!

Grot Dog and Lice Cream look awesome, but so does Arak Attack. All thee figures have different aesthetics, and Arak Attack is a really nice addition to the line. Too bad there aren’t more bugs!


Moose is still new to the Action Figure game, but their offerings are getting stronger and stronger! These three toys are insanely fun, and the brief previews we got of the next line look to be even better! But Bug Strike isn’t done yet – stay tuned for the third wave of action figures, to be reviewed soon!

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