Life In Plastic: TOY REVIEW: Grossery Gang: Bug Strike (Pt. 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of our Grossery Gang: Bug Strike coverage!  Part 1 had retooled characters, Part 2 had brand-new figures, and Part 3 has… repaints!  But not just any repaints, GLOWING repaints!  Okay, so maybe it’s not as flashy as the new guys, but these three round out the Bug Strike action figures to nine, and very few people can properly resist… glowing.  So, why don’t we take a look at Gooey Chewie, Grub Sub, and Trash Head?

Gooey Chewie has gained some color! Rather than a simple pink, he is now red, white, and blue! The color scheme works surprisingly well for him – he seems to be an icier-flavored gum now, perhaps a special promotion. The semi-translucent plastic really sells the texturing, and keeps his colors from looking odd or out of place.

The mini has an updated paint scheme, and also works just as great! Interestingly, he glows in kind ofa peach color, not purely the same white-green we’re all familiar with.

Sadly, head-swapping is more scarce in Bug Strike, though at least Gooey Chewie can still do it!

Repaint or not, Gooey Chewie looks great in this series!

If you want a traditional green glow, there’s always Grub Sub! Note: When your sandwich turns this shade of green, it’s gone bad. Don’t eat it.

On second thought, he might just be wearing camo paint. Weirder things have happened, right?

The mini certainly looks different in this color scheme – in fact, Grub Sub in general doesn’t resemble a “Sandwich,” per se, as much as a pile of garbage, but it does work well.

One mild caveat – my figure has a hairline crack in its torso. This might be coincidence, or the translucent plastic might be more fragile than expected. The latter has happened from time to time, most notably with Masters of the Universe Classics.

This isn’t the first repaint that Trash Head has had – a purple version is available with one of the vehicles. But this one is pure gold, much like what I assume the trash cans in Trump Tower would be like. It’s his eyes and the slimy portions that glow.

Both the main figure and the mini seem to have a bandit/raccoon mask motif going on, thought hat just might be painted-on sludge. The gold trashcan helps him stand out, and the translucent slime works very well.

Well, there you go! They’re repaints, but repaints with a modicum of creativity. I mean, come on, they glow! But seriously, straight-up repaints may not be as exciting as the newly-sculpted figures, but they are a great way to flesh out the line!

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