Life In Plastic: Scream (Marvel Legends)


A former security guard, Donna Diego is merged with components of the Venom symbiote and becomes the tendriled villain, Scream.


Wait, that’s it? Well, that’s not much info, is it? Okay. During the height of Venom’s mid-90s popularity, there was a plot line where an eeeeevil company, The Life Foundation, kidnapped him and used him to create six new Symbiotes. One of them, Scream, murdered the others. it was a mystery story. it also got turned into a SNES game which wasn’t very mystery-ish, but Scream was one of the ten or so bosses you got to punch out. She got an action figure around that time, along with a few other Symbiotes, and more recently appeared in that trading card iOS game. In the comics, she appeared once or twice before getting unceremoniously killed off years ago. Since they’ve begun reviving the other Life Foundation symbiotes (albeit without their original hosts), I wouldn’t be surprised if Scream made a return soon, albeit without Donna Diego.


Unfortunately, I no longer have the vintage figure… I think. It was pretty good for the time, and holds up decently today (albeit with much less articulation than we’re used to). But this is a new update. As a Marvel legend, it relies on parts reuse wherever possible, and it may be that only the head sculpt is new. But, considering the basic shape of a symbiote (smooth human body), it really works in this case.


She’s not wearing spandex, it’s ooze! Smooth ooze. Scream’s texturing is suggested by her mottled, lava-lamp coloration. Oddly, the paint apps are on the inside of her arms and inner thighs, rather than her hips or the back of her arms – one would think that there would be more red coloration where it’d be more visible, but it’s not like the red blotches are obscured.


Scream’s head is a brand-new sculpt, including a massive mane of hair. it’s actually not her hair, though – it’s tendrils manifested by the symbiote, just like the little runners always trailing off Carnage. Donna Diego’s actual hairstyle is a very poofy, curly ’80s ‘do (which is hilarious for someone invented in 1994). But Scream’s got waist-length stabby tentacles. The original figure had a related action feature – thick rubber hair, but with a few separate tendrils that could be manipulated. obviously, this figure does not have those, but the sculpt is pretty good, regardless.


Her face is quite normal for a Symbiote – big eyes, razor-sharp grin, that sort of thing. When you mke a monster girl, this is the kind of monster girl it should be. She’s not “kawaii” cute, but hey, that’s life, right?


Scream’s hands are not new sculpts. And if they look a little oversized, it’s because action figure hands always look weirdly big in photos. That, and they’re Carnage’s hands, reused. They aren’t unrealistically big on her, since Symbiotes tend to sprout these large razor claws, but they are made for a different character. Likewise, her feet are clearly shoes, with sculpted soles – that is unfortunate, and perhaps the only genuine flaw in the sculpt. Symbiotes don’t have soled shoes, and all.


Marvel Legends has always had great articulation, and Scream is no different. Sure, she isn’t perfect, but the toy line has refined its articulation techniques. Not too much, not too little – and she can take pretty much any pose needed.


There aren’t as many stock female torsos as there are males, but Scream is slender and buxom (just like everybody else in comics, sheesh), and the body used does match her appearance in the comics. Because women are almost always drawn that way. Well, it’s not like male bodies in this line have much variet unless they really have to, either.


You know, it really is kind of odd that Scream’s got so much extra-comic exposure – two video games, two figures – when she’s barely a footnote in the comics in the first place. Aside from the Life Foundation stories (both of them), she only appeared in the Xenophage fight, and when Venom went nuts and killed her (and a bunch of other Symbiote characters).


Well, it makes sense that she’s a female Carnage in design – note the mottled colors, as opposed to the smooth single-tones of most Symbiote characters. Scream is visually appealing, and not just in the “lolboobs” way. Good color scheme, good design.


That said, comics do err too much on the “lolboobs” side of things. It’s fine, though, in a way it fits her – it’s just something to note. Even with a face of screaming banshee fangs, she’s sexualized a little bit.


Oh yeah, she also comes with build-a-figure Venom’s arm, but that doesn’t matter unless you pick up the rest of the wave. Scream’s a pretty good figure


But seriously, don’t worry about it. the character ranks fairly low on the embarrass-o-meter, and helps add some gender diversity to the symbiotes. And aside from the feet, Scream looks just fine – it’s probably the best version of the character that we’ll ever get, unless she does return to the comics somehow, but it’s good on its own merits.

Well, there you have it! Scream may be an obscure character (though I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring her back), but she makes for a great figure! Although there are a few obvious cost-cutting steps in the hands and feet, and she could have done with more mottled color and texture, she really does look cool, and stands out among the other (male) symbiotes.


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