Life In Plastic: Star Wars XCavations



“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.”
-Anakin SKywalker

Hey kids, Luke SKywalker is dead! And apparently, so is everybody else.  Star Wars: Xcavations is a new, strangely obscure license in which you dig through kinetic sand to discover the fossilized skulls of your favorite Star Wars characters!  Well, sort of.  You dig through kinetic sand to discover the skulls of various alien races from Star Wars.  Slight difference.  The whole thing comes with a flyer talking about paleontology, and comparing the available skulls to actual earth creature bone structures, too.  Mind you, the one big flaw in this is that there are only six available skulls.  It’s also really easy to game the system, so here’s a cheat sheet.  IN THE SERIAL NUMBER ENGRAVED ON THE BOX, look at the only number variants, and decide as such:

124 – Rodian
127 – Hutt
128 – Gammorean
129 – Zabrak
130 – Monkey Lizard
131 – Trandoshan

Nobody knows where numbers 125 and 126 went, but such is life.  So, before we look at each skull, let’s have… A VIDEO!


So yeah, that’s it.  Also, the sand comes in three colors: Zabrak and Hutt come in with black sand, Gammorrean and Monkey Lizard come with tan sand, and Hutt and Rodian come with red sand.
Well, I have since acquired all six, so let’s have a look!


The Zabrak skull looks like it belongs on a heavy metal album cover. In fact, because of this skull alone, I’ve photographed them all IN HELL. Yes, I did. IN HELL. Anyway, in case you didn’t realize it from the video, these skulls are not in scale with Star Wars figures. They are too big for the 3 34″ toys, too big for the Black series, and possibly too big for some 12″ toys. They just kind of exist in their own scale.


The Hutt skull looks just like a frog. This is also the only one in scale, as it’s just about right for the various 3 3/4″ Jabba figures out there.


The Gammorrean loosk pretty intimidating for a pig.


No, he Trandoshan isn’t a new kind of Autobot, it’s just that lizard guy!


I am surprised that the Rodian’s litle ear-things are apparently made entirely of bone. That’s… that’s not how this works. Not how it works at all.


And the frickin’ Monkey Lizard. Not my favorite. In fact, to assemble it, you need to whittle down those pegs so they fit. I mean, sure, you have to whittle the Hutt pegs, too, but that one’s a Jabba!


Well, there you go. EVERYBODY IN STAR WARS IS DEAD AND HERE ARE THEIR BONES! Ha ha. These are fun little novelties, even though the Hutt is the only one remotely in scale with anything Star Wars. And kinetic sand is fun to play with.


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