Comic Book Storytelling: West Coast Avengers

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling. Yes it has been a long time. We are going to talk about the new West Coast Avengers series from Marvel. Two issues have come out so far and we will get into both of them.


The team is lead by the Kate Bishop Hawkeye. The original Clint Barton Hawkeye is also there helping out. Kate decides to put together a team of heroes and is joined by her former Young Avenger teammate America Chavez. Kate also has a new boyfriend called Fuse, he has Absorbing Man type powers and lots of piercings. Also Gwenpool joins the team because her own series ended and maybe she is a hero now. And finally Quentin Quire is there taking up space.

The city is attacked by mutant land sharks which is what gets Kate to start up the team. Also they are being filmed for a reality TV show. Several of them don’t like each other and are not so sure about the reality show thing. Then a giant Tigra comes out of the ocean and attacks. Yes Tigra, the Avenger who is a sexy tiger lady in a bikini, has grown to giant size, unless it turns out to be a giant clone or something. Also some guy called B.R.O.D.O.K. appears and he is probably M.O.D.O.K. in disguise.

In the second issue giant Tigra retreats after a fight and the team takes B.R.O.D.O.K. back to their hideout playing along with the ruse that he is some new hero scientist. Although it sounds like he might just be delusional and the real M.O.D.O.K. could be elsewhere manipulating him. Anyway giant Tigra comes back followed by more giants and we will see what happens next time.

The series seems okay so far. I like most of the characters. Kate and Clint and America are great. I am a fan of Gwenpool but I don’t know if his series will make good use of her. I am don’t have any strong feelings about Fuse, he is okay. I was never a fan of Quentin Quire AKA Kid Omega and I still don’t understand why Marvel keeps trying to make him happen. He is an omega telepathic mutant but there were already at least a half dozen of those running around the Marvel universe. The most memorable thing I can recall about Kid Omega is that time he got his girlfriend killed somehow.

I really like Gwenpool and I strongly dislike Kid Omega so I was highly disconcerted when they started making out in issue 2. Up to that point all they did was get angry and yell at each other and threaten each other and then the book pulls a whole “that means they like each other” craptastic load. I could write more about how this stems from and plays into misogynistic stereotypes and toxic masculinity but I would just make myself angry doing that. To sum it up Gwenpool making out with Kid Omega is stupid and I hate it. She is a character that deserves better than to be wasted on a crappy outdated romantic subplot like this. Maybe we will get lucky and they will do something subversive with it in the next issue but I doubt it.

That is all for now. Comic Book Storytelling will be back later.

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