Life In Plastic: Lost Kitties



Here’s a secret: I like cats. WOW, BIG SURPRISE! No, really. Here’s mine.


This is Bossy. Former stray, current cuddlebug.


She’s a sabretoothed fluffbutt.


Her favorite place to sleep is on my arm. Ahem. ANYWAY, Lost Kitties is a blind-boxed minifigure line of cats. Memeworthy cats, to be precise. Inside each carton, you get one cat figure, one trading card/sticker, two accessories, and a glob of play-doh. Yes, play-doh. Huh. Well, anyway, it sounds like it’s time for AN UNBOXING VIDEO.

Well, there you go. Assortment-wise, you can buy the single-packs, or special five-packed larger cartons. The multipacks contain repaints as well as one of four “special” figure (different sculpt and name, glittery paint job). I’ve opened two of those, so you’ll get to see them, as well. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at THE LOST KITTIES.


Eugene is one cool cat, man. One cool cat.


Peekerz is one of my favorites, packing so much personality into so little space. If he fitz, he sitz!


Niles is not what one would call a happy cat. He’s clearly got some catitude.


Chickie is the nearest representation to me you will ever find in a toy line.


Nap-Kin is just sleepin’ away.


Thimble has gotten himself all tangled up!


Chunks is ruining the carpet.


Memez is asking PLEEEEEZE?


Ticklez promises not to bite you if you pet him (he’s lying).


Flufferton never should have taken that bath.


Noperz is sick of your crap, Karen.


Cheesy probably shouldn’t be eating that pizza.


And Flush has made a mess!

As you can see, the multipack figures are indeed repaints! So the next several will look slightly different than their single-packed variants.


Loafy is a purebread cat.


Meowzart is a keyboard prodigy!


Ohai says ohai!


Captain Kitteh seems rather intense.


Chomp may not has cheezeburger, but he’s certainly got a prize!


Flakes does not like his sweater.


And Tummy Tum is an absolute glutton!


Boops, one of the special figures, is tumbling while catching something.


And Sparkle Time’s name is utterly appropriate.

We took these once mighty hunters, fierce kings of the wilderness, and turned them into marshmallows. But the toys sure are great!



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