Comic Book Storytelling: Doomsday Clock and Heroes in Crisis

Welcome back to Comic Book Storytelling. Today we are going to look at the two major DC event series going on. Yes DC has two events going at once because Doomsday Clock has suffered multiple delays and is not nearly done yet. This actually happens quite a bit in the comic book industry these days.


We talked about Doomsday Clock a while back when it first started. DC is integrating the characters from Watchmen into the regular DC Universe. They were teasing it for months leading up to this series. In this series we see a collection of characters from the Watchmen Earth cross dimensions over to the main DC Earth. Their early attempts to make allies do not go well. Adrian Veidt gets shot by the resurrected Comedian. The new Rorschach gets put in Arkham Asylum. And the criminals Mime and Marionette go running off.

Since then we have learned that new Rorschach is the son of the therapist that was trying to treat the original Rorschach. He escaped from Arkham with help from Saturn Girl and Johnny Thunder. Mime and Marionette are teaming up with the Joker. Meanwhile they finally managed to summon Doctor Manhattan. It looks like Manhattan has indeed tampered with the DC timeline and that he is the reason no one remembers the old Justice Society. But it also looks like me might not be the main villain we thought he would be. We still have no idea what Manhattan is up to but he has visions of fighting Superman in the near future. Also Adrian Veidt lied about having cancer and claims he knows how to save both universes.

The series is going okay but there is one major element that is still not working for me. In the background they keep mentioning some super human arms race but it does not feel relevant to anything so far. It feels almost like its set up for a completely different event series, which is entirely possible in comic books these days. Doomsday Clock started almost a year ago and not even half of its issues have come out yet. We will see how that goes.



The first issue of Heroes in Crisis, the other DC event series, came out last week. It is supposed to be about a secret therapy sanctuary for super people. But the first issue barely bothers to set that up and jumps right into the murder. For some reason Harley Quinn tries to murder Booster Gold. And a bunch of people at the sanctuary have been murdered. And none of it feels like it means anything.

Wally West and Roy Harper are dead. We do not see them die. Superman finds them and a lot of other dead bodies. And none of it feels like it matters. Wally West has been dead before and this time does not feel special. I know Roy has been almost dead before but I can’t remember if he has been full dead before this. I think most of the other dead people are made up just for this event or so obscure I don’t remember them. Anyway at the end Booster and Harley accuse each other of being the one who killed the others. So there was probably some mind control going on that made everyone kill each other. And most important of all nothing makes me care about any of it.

The one thing I will say for Heroes in Crisis, the art looks really good. Everyone looks great. Harley looks really good. Booster looks really good. Well they don’t look as good once they start making each other bleed. But overall the art is great. Its too bad the story is so bland.


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