Life In plastic: BTW: Battle Tribes Wrestlers (Spy Monkey Creations)


Yay for Battle Tribes!  The people at Spy Monkey have decided to change their game just a little bit.  Although the Barbarian figures are still going on (with new color schemes every week!), they’ve now introduced a second line:  BTW: Battle Tribes Wrestlers!  The first wave just dropped with food-themed wrestlers(!!), and the promise of more styles in the future!  Each figure has a basic body, with wrestler-themed boots and trunks, and several heads – a bald goateed head, a masked luchadore head, and the aforementioned food.  There’s also a nice MUSCLE tribute with each release, a miniature body!

Depending on the release, you will get a few or more mono-color pieces.  Generally, the more “Deluxe” the release, the more painted pieces, culminating in the Super Size figure, who’s got absolutely everything painted.  Anyway, let’s have a look at the series! We’re just gonna cycle through the painted heads, and run with it.


Jimmy Cheeseburger is an all-American face. Well, he’s kind of a meathead, but he means well!


And how could you possibly have a burger without fries? Hahaha!


And here’s a normal person.


No, it’s not that same guy, it’s Charlie Brown from Outta Town!


Pink Playboy is next (oh hi, Ice Cream Bret Hart), with strawberry flavor! His finishing move involves mashing soft-serve into your face.


His donut head feels more like a tag team partner than a mere alternate – so, why are pink-frosted donuts so popular? Is it The Simpsons? Yeah, I think it’s The Simpsons.


He’s not part of the Hart Foundation.


Pink really fits the lucha look.


And yes, the neck pegs fit into the figures’ hands.


Supersize Big Fry is the best bang for your buck, as every single piece is painted (including the barbarian bits, but I didn’t include those in the photos). Hey, ever notice how the fry head is the only one that’s clearly a mask?


Supersize Big Burger is a great variant – different, but still a classical cheeseburger.


The ice cream is also pretty dang good.


Yellow donuts are less common, but lemon frosting certainly does exist!


Look, an apple! There are two apple heads – unpainted with the other releases, but now you’ve got a full-color version! I’m surprised it wasn’t red.


The other apple is about as upset as you or I would be if someone took a bite out of our craniums!


Man, these are Hulk Hogan colors.


Well, Hogan and McDonald’s. Note his different championship belt, too.


So, let’s talk about the mini-wrestler. Well, that’s a good lead-in, right? It’s a mini body, and heads plug into it. Super-Size Big Fry has painted details!


When unpainted, you can really see the MUSCLE reference.


Of course, the heads seem a little large on these figures, but that’s in keeping with the other proportions.


Hello, masked dude!


Mini-Fry is our last gasp of humanity before things go weird.


Mini-Burger is pretty much fast food perfection.


Please don’t let him melt!


The donut looks happy to have a smaller body.


Meanwhile, the regular apple seems at home.


Of course people try to eat him, he’s golden delicious!


Now I need to go get some food.


Well, there you go! Another outstanding Battle Tribes release, with a really hilarious take on the wrestler gimmick! So, what’s next? Apple or donut-themed color schemes? Perhaps more heads? Only time will tell!

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