Life In Plastic: Grossery Gang: Time Wars (Part 3)


Part 3?  Well yes, Moose does release toys in min-waves.  So, after parts 1 and 2, we’ve got what seem to be the last three regular action figures in Grossery Gang: Time Wars!  These guys actually showed up a little while ago in Five Below stores, only sold as “Discount” versions – no weapons or minis, but less expensive.  There was debate over whether they would have a regular release, but I’m glad to tell you that the answer is yes!  The last three have just recently shown up at Target, so keep your eyes peeled! We’ve got one revamped character and two newbies this time around, so let’s take a look!

SPEWY LOO aka Flush Face
Look what just kicked down the door of the cubicle! This toxic toilet’s pipes re blocked and ready to explode! He tries to keep his lid shut, but when he gets powered up he lets himself go! He’s got great aim when he flicks his icky toilet brush! The Rotbots better not get caught with their pants down around this guy!


Wow. This guy has no immediately obvious ties to any time period. He’s just a toilet. But man, he’s disgusting! Spewy Loo is covered in sewage, has obvious urine stains around his base, and someone left a (thankfully unpainted) upper decker! He’s worse than any gas station toilet I’ve seen, and that’s saying something! The figure’s construction comes with one quirk – because his legs are a little bowed, it takes work to get them moving without damaging the peg. Just be careful, and grip them near the base when you try ot loosen them up, as is necessary with Grossery Gang figures.


His weapon is another toilet – and although it’s kind of tall and narrow, it seems functional for a lot of toys. The projectile is indeed a toilet brush, which is a nice touch (and thankfully not as disgusting as the obvious alternative).


The mini is pretty exact, and kind of adorable in its own stinky way.


Grotty Graffiti is ready to make his mark on the Rotbots! When he gets angry he pops his top and gives everyone a spray! If there’s a blank wall to scrawl on he can’t help covering it with a toxic tag! Watch out, this Grossery Gang member is a vile vandal who’s hard to handle!


This guy is from the early ’90s. Or late ’80s. You know, that brief era when rap artists were slightly more likely to wear track suits and gigantic clocks… I think. That may not have been a real time period, but Grotty Graffiti sure handles it nicely! But seriously, that’s where he’s from. He’s urban from when urban looked like this. It’s really only 20-30 years ago, but Moose is fairly blatant about that counting for time travel purposes. Anyway, the legs on mine are stuck – I can’t move them without damaging the pegs connecting them to the main body. My understanding is that this isn’t uncommon – at least one other person I know has the same issue. So just be careful!


His weapon, which fires a spray can missile, is a boombox. It absolutely is a stereo. Again, just think of the time of boomboxes, and you’ve got this guy.


Identical. The little guy is absolutely identical to the big one. And you know, he looks great both ways!


TRASH HEAD aka Clanky
Trash Head has pulled on trunks and jumped into the rotten ring to take on all opponents! This pile of trash is ready to smash! With his signature moves – the Atomic Slop Drop and the Body Bin Slam he can K.O. everyone with his B.O. This can of crud can’t wait to sock it to the Rotbots!


April 1, 1990. Wrestlemania VI, when The Ultimate Warrior defeated Hulk Hogan. That’s exactly what this figure is based on. Yup. he isn’t just a repaint, he’s got newly-sculpted parts, mainly to account for that mask and those tassels. And thankfully, none of his joints have issues moving!


His weapon is a trash can that fires a boxing glove missile. Yes, a boxing glove. Hahaha… right? Haha!


And as you might expect, the mini is wearing the mask, too!


Well, there you have it! Time Wars has included characters from Prehistory, the Medieval era, feudal Japan, the Age of Piracy, World War II, the 1980s, the 1990s, and the future. I’m sort of srprised that we never got a cowboy, since the main mini-figure line has a Western faction, but this is still a pretty good variety. These last three are great, and just generic enough to fit in with non-time travelers, too!

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