Your Daily Nerd Thing: Remembering Silent Hills

Welcome to Your Daily Nerd Thing where every weekday we bring you a different nerdy thing we found on the internet. Today we will take a moment and look back at what could have been as we remember Silent Hills. Before his falling out with Konami Hideo Kojima had a vision, along with Guillermo Del Toro, to breath new life into the Silent Hill game series. It started with a playable teaser called PT that took place in an endless looping hallway full of puzzles and creepy imagery. It was even going to feature Norman Reedus as the main character. But Silent Hills never happened and we will never know what it could have been. Now Kojima and Del Toro are working on the game Death Stranding, still with Norman Reedus, which promises to be weird and creepy in completely different ways than Silent Hills would have been.

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